The Sims 4 | How To | Install Custom Content + Fix Blue Hair Glitch.

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  1. AmazingStar says:

    I need someones help! My game when i go to open sims 4 its mini in the
    corner and will never load and i cant full screen it ive uninstalled my
    game and reinstalled it and it was still doing it and i also “repaired my

  2. Mel Mel says:

    Btw Cache is like Cash :p

  3. MsDreamer1994 says:

    Jen, can you teach us how to uninstall and reinstall sims 4 game? I
    remember one time you had to do it because of issues and such. That is if
    I’m not wrong. There is not online tutorial on it and I don’t understand
    instructions from the forums…

  4. Cassandra P says:

    I turned off laptop mode, my sims hair was still blue but i kept playing on
    and it just disappeared slowly

  5. LPSDauntlessTv says:

    With ts3 you could just click the downloaded file and it would open the
    game launcher and install it to your game… I’m seeing that this is not
    the case with ts4.. Once I get ts4 I might have some trouble with cc. XC

  6. Mothy says:

    If you have to turn off laptop mode I recommend using medium graphics
    settings, it helps slightly. I did that when I used my laptop and it helped
    the lag ig. If you play on ultra expecting no lag at all (only with
    excessive amounts of CC) God help your computer Dx 

  7. GossipGurl2314 says:

    I know I’ve said this before (and I know this channel isn’t Tech support)
    but my game is still crashing and I keep repairing the game. What’s wrong?

  8. Cultivated Productions says:

    Jen I am a CC addict literally. My favorite places are almost everywhere
    lol but just to name a few.

  9. Jorden Sa'Ny says:

    Thank you! XOXO

  10. jill wolfs says:

    OMG thank you so much!!

  11. Tatiana Newman says:

    This is a really helpful video because I have watched others and they were
    not as helpful as this one :)

  12. Nyadeng Lual says:

    Are you gonna upload the Bachelor
    1 whole week since the last upload

  13. Geeky Gamer says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just have one more question, when ever I clicked my
    mods folder at first, it said pick an app you want to open it in (I have
    widows8 on a laptop) and so I picked a random one and i don think it looks
    just like yours. I’m not sure if its a problem, I Tried downloading a hair
    an its in the folder just not in the game.

  14. Marni Senra says:

    Do I need Firefox to install some of the cc?

  15. Abby Theberge says:

    Thank you SO much for this +XUrbanSimsX!!!! I still have one unanswered
    question though: How do I know if the CC I’m downloading is safe for my

    (Also, If you have a Google+, please join my Sims 4 Community!!!)


  16. Mel Mel says:

    YASS BOO YASSS I have so much custom content that I don’t even know anymore
    I just hit 5,000 cc on Sims 4… Praise Jesus. AND I can’t wait for you too
    do another CAS for me to get cc from! LIFF YA BOO

  17. BooLetsPlay says:

    If I uncheck laptop mode my whole game will crash and I have to reinstall
    sims 4. (I never lag and I’m always on high for my settings) Any other

  18. XUrbanSimsX says:

    Share YOUR favorite places to get CC BELOW!!

  19. Fizzy Lifting Drink says:

    Hey Jen.. Great tutorial! I have a problem with my CC and I am hoping
    someone can help me. When I create a sim that has CC, I go to save to my
    library or try to share it, it does not show up. The only way I can play
    that sim is to go directly into playing. Can someone help me trouble shoot
    this problem? please??

  20. {Hachiko} YT says:

    Thanks So Much Jen!!!

  21. LovelyBloodyVampire says:


  22. LilacsxFantasy says:

    you should create a tumblr style sim 😀 xo

  23. Khanh Nguyen says:

    This video is so helpful lovee your video Jen!

  24. Andrew Arcade says:

    Sorry to bug you about this but any chance you remember where you
    downloaded that custom CAS background? I really like it! 

  25. bethany ware says:

    Those shoes will look lush on kareara

  26. QueenFrossy. says:

    For Mac’s it’s pretty much the same thing: Go to your documents and the EA
    thing and Sims 4 and the mods folder is already created. ^.^ And then
    download and drag just like in this video :3

  27. dachsplaylist says: jenn with windows 8 or 8.1 you should be using
    winrar64 bit…just so you know… also so you can organize your mods
    folder you should be using this file :
    place this resourse.cfg file into your mods folder and then you can have
    folders in your mods folder like one called hairs one called clothes and
    your game will read all these files…so you can organize your mods folder.
    this is my mods folder :
    just so you can see how to organize your folder…you may not see a need
    for it yet but later you will once we have been downloading mods for a year
    or more.

  28. Miette C says:

    My sims 4 game already had a Mod Folder lol. Is it just me?

  29. breanna ok says:

    I don’t now if anyone commented this already but, if you like having your
    folders organized into categories, you can do that within your mods folder.

  30. CandyCoatedGaming says:

    Hey Jen! I was wondering if you could make a video on how you use the
    recording system that you use on your videos. I want to start a YouTube
    channel, but I have no idea on how to record a game like the Sims. Anything
    would be helpful! Much love!

  31. Hannah Brennan says:

    Is cc free?

  32. XUrbanSimsX says:

    If you found this video HELPFUL, please like and leave a comment :D

  33. lois d says:

    99k come on let’s get Jen to 100k!!!!

  34. TheMsKenna says:

    Can cc make my game or computer slow

  35. KiaraM says:

    Does anybody Know another way to get the Hair glitch away When I uncheck
    laptop mode it works but my game is super slow and its hard to play ??? Plz

  36. Nicholas Mumbauer says:

    I have a laptop and I took it off of laptop mode and it didn’t help my sims
    still have blue hair 

  37. Abri Ortiz says:

    Thank you so much! Finally I have found how to get rid of the stupid blue
    hair! I can finally get hair cc! Thanks Jen!

  38. xXEpicWonderzXx playsminecraft says:

    i dont really need to get winrar in fact dont really have an extract
    thing, all i do is double click on the zipped folder and boom i now have my
    mods in my mods folder

  39. LanaDelReySimmer says:

    I have a learning disorder and i have problems understanding and learning.
    But i understand Jen so well! I wish she could help me with my school work
    in real life. 

  40. Katja Sveen says:

    Thanks sooo much for the blue hair of death glich fixer! It really helpd
    me! =3

  41. Akhira H. says:

    I am literally a CC ADDICT . I usually start at mysims4blog.blogspot & . They never fail me! lol 

  42. Nat A says:

    Thanks sooo much for his video! Really helped me ALOT but one more
    question. For dowloading cc furnitures and other stuff for sims 4 the same
    way as this?

  43. PropheticSimmer says:

    I seriously can spend HOURS looking at The Sims Resource and downloading
    custom content from there! I might have a bit of a problem. Anyway, I’ll
    direct my friends to this video if any of them need this information. :)

  44. Gamer Girl203 says:

    This really help me out now I can install custom content thank you

  45. Sabrina M says:

    Since I already know how to download cc I legit just watched this video 2
    hear your voice

  46. wendy wulleart says:

    Fantastic video xx And thank you xx I will let you know if i still have
    blue hair glitch xx once again thanks xx

  47. darkprincess000jk says:

    I don’t even own the sims 4 yet here I am watching this video lol. Am I
    weird? Meh don’t care if I am I’m watching anyway lol, love ya Jen <3

  48. Sofia Holmann says:

    Awesome video! 🙂
    Where did you get the skin that you used on your thumbnail sim? I’d love to
    have it because it looks freaking amazing :D

  49. Coco Ohno says:

    I play Sims 4 on my Macbook and unchecking Laptop Mode works. However, it
    makes my game run a lot slower. Some CC doesn’t do that, the ones that
    don’t are the ones that look like the hairs in-game. has a
    lot of cute hairs that don’t do the glitch. 

  50. ILoveCarrots5 says:

    Jenn, what computer/laptop do you use? 

  51. MeganIsSoBae says:

    I Need help when I download cc it always ends up having a shadow in the hair on Cas how do I fix this??

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