The Sims 4: How To Get 50K Simoleons! NEVER BE BROKE!

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13 Responses

  1. MRNBAGAMER21 says:

    Does anyone know how the game is console 

  2. Camouflage913 says:

    Ricky, what sound program do you use on your machine? I have basically the
    same setup as you but I am hearing constant cracking and distortion.
    Realtek audio HD is what I am using now..

  3. Trevon DeLorean says:

    I’m Hype for this lets play none of my youtubers really play the sims so
    this new 

  4. MRNBAGAMER21 says:

    Sometimes doing what your doing is funner than the real way

  5. shantana chambers says:

    cool video keep it up

  6. jared burgess says:

    Man u the best on the podcast on chase channel keep up the good work man
    p.s u should have way more subs, people are crazy

  7. The3MinuteGamer says:

    The Sims 4 Money Motherlode Guys!!

  8. 52Sen says:

    Exactly bro, I mean it’s a game where you wanna have fun. Working 8-10
    hours in Sims just totally suck because that’s what you do in you regular
    life anyway ..

    Unless you don’t type in”testingcheatsenabled true”…:)

  9. Chris Loeffler says:

    Play religiously?

  10. Chris Bishop says:

    Isn’t this the same code that they had in sims 3? 

  11. Tyshawn Mcmichael says:

    Never mind

  12. SuperTtrooper says:

    good vid ric. he using that youtube money

  13. Tyshawn Mcmichael says:

    3mg is this pc?

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