The Sims 4: HOW TO COOK

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14 Responses

  1. Jacob F says:

    Keep on playing!!!

  2. hahalolomg says:

    1:00 LOL PENIS

  3. ethan200113 says:

    Yay new games :D

  4. slimedogy says:

    Good vid

  5. BrilliCake says:

    Like short funny videos? Then keep on watching this video for hopefully
    some laughter and if you did enjoy it, please slap that like button because
    it really helps me pump out more videos for you.

  6. ethan200113 says:

    Brilli try swtor here’s link but this is by far the best mmo I’ve
    ever played and no one on YouTube does this well but I’d like to hear if
    you will try it or not :D

  7. StoneAgeDragon says:

    1st comment!

  8. Bara Zalloum says:

    Second comment
    Nice vid

  9. FridgeAttack says:

    Btw this was a hilarious video

  10. CloudFusion7 says:

    Instructions not clear. Got penis stuck in blender

  11. TheMinecraftPro says:


  12. CheeseCrafter doesMC says:

    Great vid! Its actually pretty smart to play a different game cuz then when
    subscribers realize it ur making ur channel creative and random and that’s
    what viewers would want…So I think dis vid was Great!

  13. boomerjr2003 | Factions says:

    I watched the hole video! Wheres my cookie?

  14. FridgeAttack says:

    I see you’re expanding the channel btw I’m a long time subscriber so I know
    whats up. Keep it up Brilli and soon you’ll be at 10k!

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