The Sims 4 House building trailer – Chrillsims

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20 Responses

  1. sihplak says:

    Looks nice, but the lots are all gonna be flat. :s

  2. MrViMichael says:

    omg i cant wait for your videos!!! Besides you should change your name into
    Chrillsims4 because sims 3 is old now xD 

  3. MarsK-500 says:

    What was the name of that song agian? I know they also used in Anno 2070
    but forget it hahah.

  4. bowbowbunni says:

    Since there isn’t a color wheel, I would love to see your color schemes for
    each house. And see what you can create out of them 😀 Can’t wait~!

  5. Medovniček Koničkovití says:

    I think I’m only one who watching you from slovakia :)

  6. BJ Produções says:


  7. Chrillsims3 says:

    just a sneak peek on what to come 😉 

  8. Sarah Jaklos says:

    How can you have it? I thought it comes out in europe the 4th of

  9. Daniel Cooper says:

    The house looks amazing Chrill! Can’t wait!

  10. Siobhan Davis says:

    Shut up about the missing features already! If its an issue for you guys,
    stick to the sims 3. Otherwise, let it go and enjoy the sims 4. Thank you.

  11. Luka Waronig says:

    If you did so great with just base game, I can’t imagine what it will look
    like later through out the years. Awesome, can’t wait. ;-)

  12. Taylur Swift says:


  13. Alex Manuel says:

    What song is that? The house looks so pretty. ;~;

  14. DeathDelays232 says:

    Wow! :D

  15. jmo119 says:

    Sadly the Sims 4 has A LOT of missing features that were in previous sims.
    Stuff as basic as there is no terrain elevation options everything is flat.
    no pools. a bunch of stuff

  16. Onur Kolcu says:

    I wish The Sims 4 had an open world system like The Sims 3. :/

  17. Lord Doody says:

    oh chrill almight i am but a humble fecal peasant who wishes nothing more
    but to learn ur building ways OH CHRILL TEACH ME UR WAYS

  18. MinicartTSR says:

    Squeeeeee – I can’t wait!!

  19. MimiYang says:

    have you used downloaded furniture? :(

  20. 93Druvan says:

    Awesome :)

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