The Sims 4 House Building – Tiffany 86

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20 Responses

  1. emir yi says:

    it’s the Sims 4 and you’re still building the same house over and over

  2. SimtasticBuilder says:

    Amazing as always :)

  3. sihplak says:

    The main reason why I’m not getting The Sims 4 is the limited world, no
    CAS, and the lack of terrain tools.

    House looks good nonetheless.

  4. SteelBearStudios says:

    song name?

  5. allthesegamez says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to new houses :)

  6. Chrillsims3 says:

    Welcome to Tiffany 86 my first house video on my channel 😀 hope you like

  7. Abi Antoinette says:

    Chrill: )

  8. Dee Tavares says:


  9. Francoberry says:

    It’s awesome, but why did it take you a week to make? 

  10. MissPlaying says:

    James has me used to 30-40 minute ‘speed’ builds! Very nice, but short..
    Perhaps I’m just fussy?

  11. marleygirl says:

    How is this a small house? It’s massive!!!!

  12. XviD says:

    huset ser helt fantastiskt ut, men jag undrade om du kunde tala om för mig
    vad det var för musik som spelades upp när huset var klart?:)

  13. angelicaaaaaah says:

    Can someone please tell me how chrill was able to clutter up the plants and
    added the pool? (:

  14. thetideschanging says:

    This house was gorgeous! Amazing work! You really can create much better
    homes with the TS4 base game than with the TS3 one.

  15. Schweinchen2012 says:

    just as awesome as your sims 3 houses were! great job :)

  16. MarcoAndTheMachine says:

    Looks lovely :)

  17. StriiKe Design says:


  18. Thiqz TV says:

    How do you the the timelapse thing?

  19. David Sittenfeld says:

    Are you from sweden?

  20. Cookie Flavored Cookie says:

    How do you have that camera view where you just look around or something,
    can’t explain it. Can someone tell me how to do that if anyone understands?

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