The Sims 4: House Building – Maria 76

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20 Responses

  1. Limafo VA says:

    does anyone know what the song is? ^-^

  2. littlemonkeesim says:

    Could you do a mini tutorial on how you do your time-lapse? It’s really
    awesome and I want to know how you do it because just the thought of taking
    a ton of pictures sounds really tedious so you must have an efficient way
    to go about doing it and I want to know! Beautiful house as always,

  3. Chrillsims3 says:

    enjoy the new house 😀 remember my name is Chrillsims4 in the gallery if
    you wanna download this house :)

  4. Spooty 5 says:

    I’m sure TheQuxxn would have loved The Sims 4! 

  5. TobasFrisk says:

    is it me or does sims 3 have better graphics then 4

  6. Angel Hernandez says:

    Amazing! As always but would love to see the other kind of speed build,
    every now and then. Keep it up, Chris.

  7. Maryam Hajiyeva says:

    time laps!

  8. 70Jules says:

    awesome, love the time lapse video very entertaining. Great Vid.

  9. Maya Blackwell says:


  10. Kamryn Randall says:

    I prefer the regular speed build. That way I can see what you are doing,
    because when you do these I just get a quick look at what you have done,
    and in the regular speed builds I get to see what it really looks like.

  11. MarcoAndTheMachine says:

    Time lapse it is!! This video was spectacular :)

  12. dylan mariano says:

    TimeLapse because of time

  13. Beniz says:

    You should stay with this version of your house building videos. It looks
    kinda professional in my opinion. :)

  14. Lily Wagner says:

    I nominate Chrill for Best Sims House Creator of the Year.

  15. bkcrafter says:

    What is the intro song?

  16. nessnice says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to make a timelapse, and smooth transitions in
    the Sims 4?

  17. darkwriter2011 says:

    I liked the video this way. It’s different from what most people do. Most
    of the speed builds make me kind of dizzy from all the fast camera moves.
    But, it really is what ever is easiest and funnest for you. I enjoy your
    videos. Love your houses. I use them in my games all the time. Thanks for
    the hard work you do to make us happy. 

  18. TrueBeauty says:

    Yay! Another home video, and it’s beautiful as always. :D

  19. Michael Fan says:

    Wow! This is awesome! My buildings are so bad now, because the build style
    is very different from the sims3 

  20. MadeUpLikeADoll says:

    I like this way of showing the homes

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