The Sims 4 House Building: Heisenberg’s Modern Mansion (Part 2) (The Sims 4 Heisenberg)

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16 Responses

  1. jessiebear518 says:

    Loving this series 🙂 make gustavo 🙂 

  2. Roxy Frost says:

    omg stolen atm! that’s insane lmao it was made for this house!

  3. Luisa Freire says:

    So far the house looks quite awesome. The building mode is really amazing
    in The Sims 4

  4. michael ward says:

    Is sims 4 good 

  5. Tom Critchley says:

    Nice video mate 

  6. Flash Gaming says:

    Another great episode Will!!!!

  7. OWEN4 FIFA says:

    thanks finally cant wait to watch

  8. Gerry Mullins says:


  9. King Marco says:

    Nice video ;)

  10. Jonas says:

    Awesome as always :)

  11. jessiebear518 says:

    Stolen ATM! That part was horrible! D:

  12. FC_games says:

    Put the dinning table in front of the fire place 

  13. DELXAC TVV says:

    You Probably already explained this but why aren’t you doing willycraft or

  14. Uzair Lodhi says:

    Where did you get all the money from? 

  15. Gerry Mullins says:

    Try a hotel 

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