The Sims 4: Hands-On Gameplay Impressions

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20 Responses

  1. SailfinSims says:

    Really enjoyed this review. xx

  2. HipSam X says:

    I subscribed you… btw great video 😀 ^_^

  3. Sims Wishes says:

    great review, thanks!

  4. DonQuitto says:

    i never understand the love for pools, i wont miss them for the time being.

    Maybe its because personal pools are very very rare where i live, and we
    have literally 1000 of lakes. (props to anyone who quesses the country ;P)

  5. VonWakka says:

    Good review, looking forward to more of your sim stuff :)

  6. Matthew_Gamer says:

    Lol you sound like you were brainwashed by the pc gamer. Sim guru Graham
    said that they can’t add features based on how much you want them. It was
    more about getting the game out in time and how much work it would have

  7. Retsam Ecar says:

    how can u get able to review the game but when IGN request an review copy
    EA refused… hmmmm???

  8. SailfinSims says:

    Subscribed too! Hugs from Sailfindragon. 

  9. silentc0re says:

    Nice vid 😀
    Took me forever to realise how to rotate objects too haha xD

  10. ultimatepikachufan1 says:

    OMG you’re amazing, I’m gonna be doing a let’s play of The Sims 4 on friday
    when it comes out and it’d be awesome if you could check it out :)

  11. mandycraneluff says:

    The Sims themselves look really cartoonish. One of the best aspects of Sims
    2 (and to a lesser extent in Sims 3) was being able to create Sims that
    looked as real as possible. I know that they have made it easier to
    customise a Sims face, but in the demos I have watched they still don’t
    look ‘human’. 

  12. FritoFromSpace says:

    How is your game mana cycle coming along

  13. Kalee Elliott says:

    The commentary on this video is the reason I subscribed, dear god it was
    amazing, seriously, it was entertaining and flowed so well at a fast pace
    without “um” or “uh” in between, seriously great job!

  14. OperationDx1 says:

    You did a great job with this video as far as quality and commentary.
    However some red flags started going off in my head with buzz words like
    Maxis has “outdone themselves”. And “fountains are glorious” or “Emotions
    are amazing” I have a feeling these are not going to be the words used by
    major game review sites. Another red flag is why are TS4 gameplay videos
    poping up all over youtube and yet EA is not allowing review copies? After
    spending a great deal of time searching youtube for Sims 4 videos and
    watching hours of footage. I still can’t determine if TS4 has value over
    what is already available with The Sims 3. Clearly you have a high opinion
    of the game. So many things are missing from the base game. I don’t care
    about pools and toddlers. But no Create-a-style is a huge step back. It
    looks like they have eliminated cars and the need for them. The sense of
    progression looks to be dumbed-down a bit but I can’t tell from here. As a
    huge fan of the Sims games it’s my hope this is a step forward and not

  15. Justin Foley says:

    7 people prefer justin beiber.

  16. Zack Casey says:

    Seems like the emotions finally justify the traits. In Sims 3, it felt
    rather generic, only adding a new moodlet which effected the sms’ needs,
    but didn’t make a big impact the it’s overall life. Where as TS4 seems to
    putting it to good use. Keep in mind, this is all based on obversation, and
    I havn’t actually played the game yet.

  17. Fourth Wall Games says:

    You got a strangely shaped dic*?

  18. crispers702 says:

    The lot spaces look soo small,i don’t think you can build a “mansion” maybe
    thats why they took pools out of the game because pools would make the lots
    look more small.

  19. Jacob Sleiman says:

    Great video! New subscriber :D

  20. EmeraldBellz says:

    If you were able to run the Sims 3 averagely, would you be able to run this
    game? It seems a lot less demanding.

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