The Sims 4 – Girl Problems?!

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20 Responses

  1. Luke Greaves says:

    Hillbilly Deluxe did in 15 minutes what took Shadow more than 2 hours haha

  2. Dimitris Albanis says:


  3. Leiads Dagea says:

    Wish I could play this:(

  4. Charlie OKeeffe says:

    im loving your sims series deluxe 🙂 

  5. Kim Kiebert says:

    “NO bald chicks NO” Lmao

  6. BEST Gaming Videos - Zblaww says:

    Deluxe pls get Speedy to bring back – Having Fun With and Camper Justice

  7. Stephen Fleming says:

    How does video have 743 likes and only 301 views?

  8. GoldenEagle says:

    I got 99 problems

  9. Annika says:

    Deluxe I love you feller

  10. DanceRepublicHD says:

    I love the sound the like button makes

  11. Treemuss says:

    ‘Was that a she, or an it? Or just a shit?’ Hahah I love you feller

  12. MOLSONFOUR says:

    5K Likes please.

  13. medo1967 says:

    Deluxe I would uninstall and never play sims again if I were in your

  14. Ecosive says:

    Since the comment section will most likely get flooded, my balls itch

  15. Deftness says:


  16. Simply Edits says:


  17. FookinIsh says:

    No bald chicks?! What the fuck even, D4?! Dumb bastard….

  18. Kenan samur says:

    Looool first

  19. Whos Bobby says:

    You have a million subscribers asking for 7k likes…..

  20. Pehlipper says:


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