The Sims 4 – GETTING LUCKY! (Sims 4 Gameplay Part 1)

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20 Responses

  1. beclet says:

    Was awesome meeting you 🙂 should collab sometime if you want! Nice video

  2. Erica Smith says:

    Do they cars in the game

  3. KeyaRules says:

    I wonder how many people jack off while their sims woohoo

  4. 4Brko says:

    first 1:30 = we don’t give a fuck

  5. Joey Slávik says:

    0:22 OMG he is playing the sims 1 😀 :O

  6. kiome eto says:

    OMG WHEN CAN I BUY THIS!!!!!!!!!

  7. LENNOXX CHINC says:

    Not really interested for this game not going to lie. 

  8. Christian Kaye says:

    What a slut she is.

  9. TheTrueGamerHD - Your #1 Source for True Gaming Content! says:

    Its cool to see that male people like me are also in fond of the sims :D

  10. SirVault says:

    This game is going to be total crap.

  11. za0000222 says:


  12. Vitor Daniel says:

    I mean what happened to your channel? the views dropped like hell the
    content changed aswell…

  13. mhman21 says:

    can u fuck trees in this game?

  14. KatsuneSage says:

    Hey Silentc0re: How fast does it speed up? The Sims 3 was pretty slow even
    at X3. 

  15. Mark Wall says:

    Tell me I didn’t just see that? That Sim pokes his ear, looks at his
    finger with the ear wax on and mixes his food with his dirty hands. Lol

  16. esteban cruz says:

    Is this going to be on the ps4

  17. Kerozen says:

    So they are playing Sims inside Sims?

  18. Matti Meikäläinen says:

    Imo that looks pretty bad.

  19. mike David says:

    I wonder how the sims 4 pets will be lol 

  20. Fred Smith says:

    can my toaster run this?

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