The Sims 4 Gamescom 2013 Press Conference

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50 Responses

  1. Zachary Buchanan says:

    Social!!! :D

  2. Sharon Mitchell says:

    Wow, things were rough a year ago… now I have some perspective I can see
    what people were saying. Animations and graphics are waaaay smoother now.

  3. rley101 says:

    I personally like the more cartoon-y style. The Sims would loose it’s
    game-atmosphere if it looked too realistic.

  4. Megan Toland says:

    In the rocket

  5. bubblegum heart says:

    Long rant alert.

    I’m honestly glad they went for this type of graphic style. Can you imagine
    the kind of machine-destroyer this game would be if they went for
    ultra-realistic graphics? The sleek cartoon-like style has been a very
    popular thing lately in a lot of games, and I honestly don’t mind it. The
    fact that it’ll run better on most computers is also a huge plus, because
    I’ve heard even the beefiest computers experience lag when running Sims 3 +
    all expansions.

    Besides, it doesn’t even look as bad as a lot of you guys are making it
    seem. The sims look MUCH better than the ones in Sims 3, where most of the
    time I had to rely on all kinds of mods to make my sims actually look
    better, but the Create-A-Sim seems so much more versatile now, which makes
    me uber excited. In Sims 3 a lot of my sims ended up looking the same, but
    I think I could spend hours and hours creating all sorts of different sims
    in this one. Granted they still didn’t add height, which kinda bugged me,
    but they made that choice for a valid reason and I’ll eventually get over

    As far as realism outside of graphics goes, I dunno about you guys but the
    point of games for me is to escape reality, and I always had fun with The
    Sims in particular BECAUSE of all the unrealistic and kooky shenanigans you
    can do and the type of sims you can create. If it was too much like real
    life then what’s the point?

    I think you guys shouldn’t judge too soon or judge just based on graphics
    alone. From everything we’ve seen in the game so far, it’s all still at an
    early stage. There’s a LOT the developers didn’t show us, and I’m pretty
    sure the end product will make up for it.

    That was really long and most of you’ll probably tl;dr it but eh. Had to
    get it off my chest. I’m certainly quite damn excited for this game,

  6. Dovahkiff says:

    I hate how the sims 4 and simcity have downgraded, before the sequel would
    usually include better graphics, expansions from past games, a bigger
    world, and that special something, but now it feels like they only care
    about our wallets. I know that I haven’t played the game yet but from what
    I’ve seen so far from past ea games they won’t have any dlc from the sims 3
    in it at all such as into the future, which disappoints me because what’s
    the point of buying the sims 3(4) vanilla with a new engine when i already
    have the sims 3?

  7. Gabizinha1star says:

    Nós crescemos, aprendemos a dirigir, nos casamos, temos filhos,
    envelhecemos e ainda não lançou The Sims 4 :'(

  8. Mariah Howard says:

    I reallg want it to be on the xbox360 plzz be cause I will never play the
    sims again

  9. UnicornMACHETE says:

    It just look unrealistic from what i can see just my opinion but i Havant
    played the game so yeah and it cost loads for what it actually is … like
    if ur gonna stick with the sims 3 

  10. Holly Hughes says:

    i ceep thinking iff sims 4 is this good WOW WHAT IS SIMS 5,6,7 AND SO ON

  11. Melony Harris says:

    I came back to watch this in 2014

  12. Bubbles says:

    I’m a little bit worried about the emotions. I don’t want them too effect
    everything. Good idea though

  13. YourDecision says:

    Apparently there is no Create a Style. Create a Style is my Favorite
    feature about Sims 3. EA please add it in. If its in then Yay. But if its
    not in Then No.

  14. flora fylaktou says:

    i like the create a sim, but in built mode and live mode, i prefer the sims
    2.. and i cant find the expansions….. stores dont have it, they have ony
    the sims 3. i wish they could bring the sims 2 back. anyway, i am gonna buy
    the sims 4 to see how it is. i hope it will be nice cause i really dont
    like the sims 3 and from the sims 2 i have only the base game and nightlife

  15. ikuto ken says:

    I started clapping 

  16. ComicalXD says:

    Did they woohoo In the rocket ship??? Lol

  17. Katie Rose says:

    I LOVE the sculpting for the sims! That’s what i’m most excited about.
    Please give more info and fix the hair and have cas in the base cream

  18. ShingleMcPringle says:

    Use a better mic i mean really. I don’t appreciate having to hear you
    drowning in saliva every time you speak you flamingo

  19. Phunky Munkey says:

    I can see that she’s trying very hard trying to impress the audience with
    this presentation.

  20. Kati Artuhova says:

    I love The Sims 4

  21. ll Bishh Whet ll says:

    The thing i have is the Sims talking gibberish i think there should be a
    customizable language setting like Spanish English French and so on it
    would appeal to people from states and make the game more realistic 

  22. Andrew Patterson says:

    +TheSims Not to be rude, but you need to add Pets&Seasons into the base
    game. Im sick and tired of buying those for every Sims game I get! Dont get
    me wrong, you guys should have expansions, but unique ones like
    supernatural and into the future. But the basic expansions like Pets,
    Seasons, Generations, Late Night, World Adventures, and University all are
    part of real life and therefore should be in the Sims 4. Its okay to add
    stuff packs and unique expansions.expansions. I’m not the only one… I
    know hundreds or even thousands of people agree with me. Even ask my
    YouTube famous friend +KPopp 

  23. THE Simmer says:

    Why is there so much hate on The Sims 4? First of all The Sims 4 is WAY
    better then The Sims 3 including GRAPHICS. For those of you complaining
    about the graphics what do you except? graphics that are like the graphics
    for the shooting games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty? This is Sims
    and its SUPPOSED to be cartoony. For those of you who are complaining about
    the losses of Toddlers and Pools, don’t worry you never know if they add it
    in the future. And they are just little things its not like you can’t
    create your Sim or anything like that. The creators of the game probably
    thought it wasn’t very important and added BETTER things (THINGS WE NEED IN
    THE GAME) to replace it.For those who are saying its going to SUCK you
    not least for those who are saying it is going to be to much money I AGREE
    with you 100 percent. That’s the only reason you should not want to get it
    but other than that there should be no reason you shouldn’t get the game. I
    IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  24. Megan Toland says:

    I loveèeeeeeeeeeeeed the sims 4 try make the sims 5

  25. Kristy Jean says:

    its $70……… WTH

  26. Submitr says:

    For the people complaining about DLCs and whatnot…A pirates life is for
    you and me. 

  27. MumbosWorld says:

    Will it also include 20 different dlc that cost around $20-$30 each?
    Because EA knows everyone is rich and loves throwing money out the window

  28. cardfreak102 says:

    Sims too emotional

  29. TheEpicKiwi 2 says:

    I wish you could build your house for free and not using any of your money.
    I don’t care about the furniture I would not really care about paying for
    that I just want to design the house the way I want for free

  30. tinadyck123 says:

    im a simmer a HUGE simmer and I find this not as well as they did the sims
    if I could choose to get the sims 4 or a sims 3 explanation pack I would
    choose the sims 3 explanation pack. for me anyways I don’t want to start a
    comment war LOL XD it just what I think.

  31. Hazel Kaye says:

    The hair moves !!!! YAS!

  32. Bih Awasom says:

    I think that the sims 4 should include all the expansion packs

  33. Cornelius Joiner says:

    Can’t Wait!

  34. Robbie Rodriguez says:

    Oops meant already preorderd it

  35. Faith says:

    5 years later…. What will the sims 5 will look like??

  36. MSGamer says:

    This is good i think i will buy it when i go in austria or germany

  37. Koola King says:

    This looks pretty ugly. Korean mmorpgs have better looking character
    customization. Honestly, I am a fan of the sims franchise but this will
    fail miserably. It looks geared toward children. How about your original
    fan base that have grown up playing the sims? With today’s technology and
    engines I expect realistic characters. I expect skin that shimmers slightly
    when you rotate your sims. I expect realistic hair physics. It is quite
    obvious that the team that brought the sims 2 has moved on to other games.
    EA put a novice beginner team on sims 4. 

  38. Ali Kay says:

    I really hope the sims 4 doesn’t look all cartoony.

  39. Robbie Rodriguez says:

    I are orders sims4 so happy when I get it probably gonna faint

  40. RebelSpiderDalek103 says:

    For the pets expansion can they have jobs as I loved it in sims 2

  41. JapanesePonies says:

    okay so we still don’t know well at least i don’t is there multiple towns
    what is the menu page if your new does it go STRAIGHT into create a sim i
    know the game play and create but what about the setup i want to know HOW
    IS THE MENU is it still the same or a little different im sorry BUT I HAVE

  42. кσвяα says:

    i always want the sims to continue and continue 

  43. iNutella On ROBLOX says:

    I want Sims 4 so badly now. D: I can’t wait ’til it comes out! <3!

  44. Thekarmicdouche says:

    You know what would sell?
    Like so they can see!

  45. Phil Henshaw says:

    Way way way way way too soon after The Sims 3. These guys need to get a
    hold of themselves and realise that The Sims has been going downhill for
    years, and from what I just saw it’s going to continue to do that. I’m a
    huge sims fan, and I seriously miss the days of Sims 2 when it was still
    magical and genuinely interesting. The Sims 3 was a disaster, I was hoping
    that with Maxis’ return to Sims 4 it might just be enough to reboot the
    once amazing series… but it doesn’t look that way, RIP Sims. I loved you

  46. Moneylovingman says:

    I think that it would be pretty cool if you could have sims kill themselves
    if they are depressed pretty dark idea but its smart 

  47. Coryn Roadknight says:

    I really Like TS3 and I have all of them … But this really Doesn’t look
    like it would Appeal to me 🙁 … We want realistic Characters who look life
    like … and I honestly Think Expansion packs should be added in the one
    game! I would rather spend £100 on a game or a bit more and Not have to buy
    an Expansion pack … I think they should work on us being Able to Do more
    Realistic things Off the top of my head i would say … Get a job as a
    teacher? and be able to walk into the school and click on a black board and
    pick a subject to teach … That’s just off the top of my head … I don’t like
    the De-stressing Idea or the sculpting idea.. seems way to complicated for
    a few people Including myself … I think you should of stuck to the same as
    TS3 but made them more life like and gave us More job options and You
    should add all expansion packs into it ! 🙂 I would defo enjoy the game
    more if you did that

  48. Megan Toland says:

    There probely having sex

  49. Patrick Mc Caffery says:

    2:33 – 2:42 Don’t think that joke turned out the way she thought it would.


  50. Pamela Diaz says:

    I can’t wait for thevsims 4

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