The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough with Tara Part 9 – DIY Mom (TS4 1080p HD)

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20 Responses

  1. xARCADIUSx says:

    DLC – Repairmen confirmed. 

  2. Dawn's ForeverSims says:

    what ever happened to her so called to be husband? look for him in the
    neighborhood some where lol check the night club he might be a lush..

  3. shoneagh watson says:

    If u move in ur fiancé u will get more moment from his bank acount

  4. SN1P3R_W0LF_2573 says:

    does the kid even go to school?!

  5. Ricardo Machado says:

    wait..did the father bail?

    omg this Sims is so realistic o.o

  6. animatedbird says:

    Tara: I saw something sparkly
    Me: *Slow Clap*

  7. G4M3R1797 says:

    13:35 – You could basically do the same thing in The Sims 3: Either call a
    repairman, or fix it yourself. I guess The Sims 4 limited the options in
    this game… Either fix it yourself, or it stays broken. :)

  8. Deswoove says:

    I want episode 10 cause watching u play is so fun ❤

  9. Taylor Claussen says:

    So, Tara, do you plan to keep on playing this game with other families?

  10. Alisha S. says:


  11. n rom says:

    Those statues are from MY SIMS Agents!!! I used to play that all the

  12. Linkarcher101 says:

    Tetra ninja play bravely default

  13. Isaac Vasquez says:

    play MORE

  14. crazyelfs says:

    if they did get married would the husband be an A.I or would he be

  15. Kuroshi Yamiro says:

    you turn into single mom yo…..

  16. xxes11xx says:

    you never invited the “husband” by the phone, you wanted to, but you
    changed your mind…. just choose the elope option…. it is probably for

  17. Taylor Claussen says:

    So, did the dad bail or something?

  18. Cathy7554 says:

    didn’t you notice that you needed to get the mom and son away from each
    other because their conversation was ruining their relationship.

  19. takuya2010100 says:

    Lol she sounded so sad at the end like it was her real family.

  20. ryan leicht says:

    Bro I’m from that xbox party ur so beast

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