The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough with Tara Part 7 – Proposal

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20 Responses

  1. Taylor Claussen says:

    So, if I understand this clearly, you flirted with a random guy, got him to
    be your boyfriend and you proposed to him. With the kicker being you got
    knocked up by a random guy who you know nothing about? Seems legit.

  2. Nikos Patterson says:

    Nice vid

  3. drew clarkson says:

    congrats on your really fast relation ship

  4. Kyle Lau says:

    Keep up the great work Nic!

  5. dat Rasta says:

    I think your sims where drunk when they met lol

  6. Mikhail Francis says:

    Nice man

  7. crazyelfs says:

    haha well done tara

  8. billy pack says:


  9. Thurston Gentles says:

    You need a bigger house and a TV if your having a kid

  10. Nathan Gamez says:

    Love how Nic comes back and she’s already pregos

  11. J Moreira says:

    He’s going to break up with you once he sees you have no TV and an
    uncomfortable bed

  12. Joshua Hock says:

    Anyone else got some onyx tv bs?

  13. Xxleodan007xX says:

    Nick what do you use to record and edit your youtube videos please make a
    tutorial thanks

  14. Luke Gbenro says:

    Nic and tarra (hope I spelled your name right sorry if not) keep up the
    awesome work

  15. cjlatina says:

    Wait, so you get pregnant before getting married and combining your money?
    Also the reason why your sim is tired and hungry is because she’s PREGNANT,
    and you have it on fast forward. I really wish you would care about your
    sim more. Tara you are too busy wanting to buy stuff than to do what’s
    right for your sim. When the baby comes you will have more bills, so having
    a baby right now wasn’t the best idea. You can’t even afford a tv. And you
    need to feed your fish and clean it’s bowl before it dies. I’m hoping in
    the next video things start to look up for your sim…if you take the time
    and think about stuff before rushing into things. Good luck.

  16. L Mitchell says:

    Awwwwwwwwww 🙂 

  17. NorthernNinjaHD says:


  18. Richard Hall says:

    You should do more series with Tara!

  19. John Sydney says:

    That was fast she just ment the guy boom there are husband and wife

  20. DragonsPlayVideoGame says:

    Are you sure the guy doesn’t have an insane trait aka personality

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