The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough with Tara Part 4 – CAT FIGHT!

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20 Responses

  1. giovanni hervey says:

    is tara your girlfriend

  2. Drochaigeant says:

    Did she just shoot someone? lmao

  3. pandachu0123 says:

    Things got catty…

  4. PrincessRuto08 says:

    Ok this is seriously entertaining xD I laughed so hard the whole time (not
    gonna quote funny parts though so I don’t spoil it for anyone 😀 ) I love
    this series so far! :)

  5. Taylor Maddox says:

    Why load times;_;

  6. J3diKnightBr3n says:


  7. Camo NinjaBears says:

    Is there a way to make the HUD any bigger?

  8. cjlatina says:

    Was Nick’s “ordering a pizza” his way of sagwaying (?) off the video and
    now it’s just going to be Tara playing alone?

  9. lonleondon says:

    19:20 A wild shiny magikarp appeared!

  10. J Moreira says:

    I don’t like the SIMS but for some reason I am really liking these videos.
    I think it’s the chemistry between you 2 makes it fun. Thumbs up

  11. TheCrimzOf Chinz says:

    woo! second :P

  12. Braydine says:

    The dog scared the crap out of me. Great series. You and your gf really
    balance each out. Would be nice to meet a girl who wasn’t crazy. Lucky you

  13. jilman franco says:

    Make nic play and let him make an avatar and make longer epsideos

  14. Adrian Garcia says:


  15. Blue ChezzBurger says:

    Fineally I’ve been waiting all day for this

  16. takermyfriend says:

    Agency clerk Is the starter job, not because its “secret”.

  17. True Shadow says:

    y u no buy a tetra fish

  18. war518 says:

    Thumbs up

  19. PC MANsters says:

    To go to work you have to go to the location of your job, I mean the
    building or from your house?

  20. ANerdygangsta says:


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