The Sims 4 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 – New Roommates! (PC)

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20 Responses

  1. AdamMartin says:

    I laughed so hard at this video!

  2. ZackScottGames says:

    I invited Summer to move in! And why not her friend too?

  3. Raifeeo 55 says:

    kiss summer

  4. tok cliff says:

    Sims is ugly and lame

  5. VTBM2 says:

    Unless you are plan to get with Summer, I suggest getting rid of all the
    double beds and get single beds instead.

  6. PinkiePieMia says:

    3th lol

  7. ChaoticShadow24 says:

    Zack. You are amazing. You could have just uploaded 1 video today and
    called it a day, but you didn’t. You sat down and recorded 4 videos for us
    today, and I think I speak for most of your subs when I say that we
    appreciate the work you do. I feels great to be subbed to someone, who even
    at 1 million subscribers, still listens to their fans. Even at 1 million
    subscribers you are still the funny, down to earth guy you were when you
    barely had 300,000. Something most YouTubers nowadays lack. Thank you for
    doing all this work for your fans 🙂 

  8. Jacob Williams says:

    keep summer delete liberty

  9. Zayanz says:

    ZS be pimpiiin!

  10. kyle power says:

    If things in the house break, dont spend money replacing them with the same
    thing, just by a more expensive one, theyll break less

  11. B-dawg8504 says:

    Hey Zack I thought I would say great video and I love this series keep up
    the great work you always do. I mean you gotta be jokin’ kiddin’ me:)


  12. Tinr2d2 says:

    I already want moar!

  13. Nerdy MJ says:

    Zack, next time something breaks and things are getting hectic with the
    Sims, just click your cellphone and then the Services option to bring up
    the option to call a repair man.
    As for the roommates situation, have Liberty get a job and use her wages to
    expand your house. Then kick her out after you marry Summer — or better
    yet, keep her as a live-in nanny! }:-)

  14. ThePigSniper3000 says:

    Marry summer then you only need 2 beds

  15. alancavygaming says:

    You should try playing Simburbia on Minecraft. It’s a cool thing. It’s like
    Simcity on Minecraft.

  16. Sanam Amin says:

    Clan your bathroom sink!

  17. gus castillo says:

    omg zack i was playing mario kart 8 i was batman sprry for hitting j with a
    bullet on bowsers coastle

  18. tiffany hilsabeck says:

    You can probably find an option to have a person or two move out by using
    the phone. 

  19. koonhen xie says:

    “why did I ask two girls to move in? I dont know. Both of them are going to
    sit there and watch me. You have got to be joking kidding me. We have
    couches in the other room. They going to watch me sleep. That’s a little
    sexy I guess.” Best line in this series! 

  20. penguin64p says:

    This is my favorite playthrough of yours so far, it’s awesome! ^__^

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