The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – WOOHOO & GIRLFRIEND

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20 Responses

  1. thegamerkidforever says:

    Yes more plzz make one more until tommorow

  2. Sam Hawes says:

    Not sure about this game

  3. Μανος Πετασης says:

    I want to buy this game soo bad but I have no pc atm(and not anytime
    soon)and I don’t know if it’s worth buying it for PS3,4 or X1,X360

  4. Nick Bowman says:


  5. Marvinator154 says:

    Wasn’t really into The Sims but your videos may have changed my mind 🙂
    Keep it up!

  6. Vito Profaca says:

    you cheating bastard!!! nice one

  7. JørgenHD solemsløkk says:


  8. TheGoldenApple says:

    Keep on playing this, sooooo awesome! The only thing I don’t like about
    sims 4 is that it isn’t open world… But you get home faster.

  9. GameRiot says:

    Thanks for continued support. You guys are amazing. Hit the like button if
    your excited to see more

  10. Ben Dichiera says:

    Lol, “Toilet time for you!” I don’t think he’s three years old!

  11. Madalin Prahoveanu says:

    One more episode pls pls pls!!

  12. BlueBull says:

    More please

  13. Rafay Nadeem says:


  14. Michael Martino says:

    Stick to one girl 

  15. RedMclaren says:

    Scott Coleman needs to get married. Next episode.

  16. Rainbow Cockerel says:

    this game looks lovely. Im thinking of making a gay character lol whos into
    flowers :DDDD 

  17. mayaa xoxo says:

    but u liked the brown hair girl better…. lol

  18. Romie Rome says:

    Those computers are so obsolete. lol look ok just kinda boring with the
    same ole thing.

  19. monstromonky123 says:


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