The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 3 – PROMOTION! + Getting Serious w/ Alice!

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20 Responses

  1. Instagamrr says:

    Such a fun game to Lets Play!

  2. Phray says:

    The Sims 4 looks fun, I might buy it.

  3. Linda Sotelo says:

    Could you slow down the speed just a bit to give yourself more time to go
    out and explore??
    I’m just saying cuz poor sim is stuck home alll day.

  4. Jacob Johnston says:

    Keep it up bro when ever I get home and watch youtube your the first one I

  5. Phoenix Rising says:


  6. An Nguyễn says:


  7. dbzandbleach says:


  8. kyle quinn says:

    I wonder what Stephanie thinks about yor side bitch haha.

  9. Thomas Tortora says:

    Tip: when your fast forwarding make sure you stop it when your done,
    otherwise your other stats will go down, very quick

  10. Ashley Cunningham says:

    I usually hate the sims, but i love the serious so much. You make it so
    entertaining 😀 Laughing my ass of so much and the video just fly’s past
    and i’m begging for more. Just watched from the start of the series to now
    all in one sitting. Keep it up dude love it and so glad the forest is going
    well and fun to play again 🙂 

  11. Taylor Coley says:


    OK, I have no idea why, but I freakin lost it when you said “takes shits a
    lot Delta” in the beginning of the video. You probably didn’t even mean it
    to be funny, but damn, I did. Funniest intro in a while. Great video
    Andrew, love the Sims series, keep it up!

  12. VampWolf says:

    Andrew, save your food or it’ll get spoiled, don’t let him eat bad food.
    Good video though :)

  13. AndrewOscarDelta says:
  14. BalkanGamingSeries says:

    Im so happy that andrew post vids daily.Now i can live proper life

  15. peris22 says:

    I Waited for this video All Day LOOOOONG

  16. George N says:

    How have u never had fish tacos?

  17. Impossibly FoxToxic says:

    299 views so far

  18. LeyshlaGisel says:

    Did you happen to pick all the other outfits or left them at random? like
    Sleep, Athletic, Formal, Party.

  19. Bob Fishguy says:

    Would u give me kiss if I were on socker team hype if u kno wat I mean

  20. Anushka Lori says:

    Im pretty sure your sim works on Saturday… Remember his days off are
    Sunday and Monday.

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