The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – CAREER & NIGHT LIFE

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20 Responses

  1. timo99nl says:

    work on the woodworking skill

  2. Noah Day says:

    Never had a single performance issue with the Sims 3, so the loading
    screens were a let down.

  3. Kikyo0Takarai says:

    Amazing Corean/chinese/jjapanese text XD

  4. AFCBandFIFA says:

    Will you be streaming again?

  5. Bob Steve says:

    I heard that this game isn’t as good as the sims 3 is this true 

  6. Plemith says:

    I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen of this game so far, it’s missing some
    things sure, it just came out. But so far im leaning towards buying it.

  7. randomeuropeanguy says:

    this game is a downgrade from the sims 3 until it gets enough expansion
    packs to be an upgrade i am passing on this pathetic excuse for “the sims
    4” its more like “the sims 0” its more primitive then the sims 1!

  8. MєcнaMцffїи says:

    I still don’t know how to turn objects around D:

  9. I BurnToast says:

    1st great vid keep it up u legend plz reply? :)

  10. Battlefield&Pudding says:

    Is this PC only?

  11. zoran djukic says:

    So there is no cars?
    I already know the future, you will get expansion pack with cars and pets
    and the rest of the long tradition of sims games. :)

  12. Kevin Allen says:

    Hmmmm. Call me crazy, but I actually like the game.

  13. SofeeSims -x says:

    Love it! 🙂 Money is so hard to make in Sims 4! I learnt that the hard way

  14. Biscuitmonkey says:

    Ur awesome gameriot!!!!

  15. Alex Kalogero says:

    The penguin tv is so funny!!

  16. GameRiot says:

    If this video gets 1000 likes, I will release next part later on tonight.
    Can we do it? 

  17. ShadowFlipsy says:

    they made it not open world to reduce the CPU overload and other non sense
    to reduce FPS spikes , loading times and overall performance. Have a mate i
    made him 2k dollar PC pure beast and he had FPS spikes and annoying loading
    on the sims 3 s i sorta call it a win what they did on The Sims 4

  18. Louise Attzs says:

    Do you live in the UK?

  19. imissmynut says:

    Gameriot you are paid to play this! I hope that this does not mean you are
    forcibly making this game sound ‘good’ or act happy just for the money. ‘EA
    Ronku program pays YouTubers for game coverage, with rules’ Source:

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