The Sims 4 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 – Character Creation + Making Our Home! (Let’s Play)

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20 Responses

  1. Toby Aaron Rogers says:

    I swear no matter what game you play, or whatever video you post up, I
    always love it.

  2. Jessika Green says:

    but bruh you need lights and i started to get really worried you forgot
    about your bathroom but it’s all good.

    i also recommend getting an alarm system and smoke detector otherwise you
    will get robbed while your shit is on fire, no joke

  3. Jose Perez says:

    Nice vid! 

  4. BrokenSpaceMonkey129 says:

    Keep doing this, you never finish a series 

  5. dbzandbleach says:

    First comment yay

  6. TheIcebornOne says:

    You are the best Youtuber I know. I hope you will get more popular and I
    will always support you. (Sorry for my bad english. I’m from Austria)

  7. Grant Melton says:

    You are such a good youtuber you deserve more subs

  8. TeaNTea says:

    That is the last game i expected you to play..
    Nice video thought

  9. Kane Jones says:

    Sup Andrew?

  10. LeyshlaGisel says:

    Build !!

  11. Chaweinta Hale says:

    Oh man I’d support the sims+andrew any day. C:

  12. Tammy DeHagara says:

    Why you hate jack

  13. gearzandgizmoz says:

    Hey Andrew I really hope that this playthrough grows into an actual Sims 4
    playthrough and I hope that more people see these videos and see what a
    great youtuber you are, I think you don’t have as much recognition as you
    should have and I hope you recieve it soon!

  14. Azartax says:

    Whatever you’re playing we know it’s gonna be good. I think we didn’t
    subscribe for the games that you play, we subbed because of YOU Andrew so
    if you want to upload some different stuff then do it, we will support you.

  15. GamingWithCosmic says:

    O w O

  16. ladyrough96 says:

    Good video (as always) keep up the good work!
    Don’t be nervous to post a video – I’ll support you no matter what kinda
    video you upload 🙂
    Greetings from Germany!

  17. AndrewOscarDelta says:

    Hey guys! I won’t lie I was very nervous to post this video, I have no idea
    if you’ll support me on this one or not. I guess we’ll find out! 🙂

    I’m giving away ONE PC copy of this to a subscriber. We don’t need a
    certain amount of likes or anything, I’ll just pick one person who
    likes/comments and message them! #DeltaSquad

  18. Whitney Spence says:

    Andrew, I absolutely love your videos, they are extremely entertaining and
    help keep my mind off of other things. Sims is one of my all time favorite
    games so it was great seeing this pop up in my subscription box! :)

  19. Adam Rose says:

    Omg no matter wat keep playing Sims it is one of my all Tim favs and it
    would be so cool to see someone else play it too plus never stop making

  20. Squezent Plays Games says:

    Dude if I get the game I will cry

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