The Sims 4 – Gameplay Walkthrough – Cleaning and Upgrading! (PC)

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20 Responses

  1. Luke Faulkner says:


  2. ChiHung Poon says:

    Great first

  3. Boyd Lampen says:

    marry summer

  4. bobby carolina says:

    be more flirty with summer so u guys will get married and have babies

  5. Sammy Marton says:

    Ur kool sack

  6. SpottedLabCoat says:

    Zack, you are wasting money on food. When you make food for everyone and
    there are leftovers, you can put the leftovers away in the fridge to stop
    them from spoiling so soon. Then you can eat the leftovers straight from
    the fridge. It will also save you time because you won’t have to cook every
    single meal.

    I would also skip the quick meals. Better to fill a Sim right up with a
    real meal than waste money on a not so filling meal which means you’ll just
    have to eat again soon. 

  7. Cano Vazquez says:

    Do you like Super Smash Bros 4.

  8. good gaming qwaker duck says:

    Your house is to small

  9. Evi van Schie says:

    0:38 Whut?! My bladder is almost empty!?

  10. Shambre Maestas says:

    Do more plants vs zombies 2

  11. Jordan G says:

    “Everyone’s naked under all their clothing.” **I DIED**

  12. ZackScottGames says:

    I think I’m in the tedious part of the game!

  13. XxPikathederpygirlxX says:

    Darude – sandstorm

  14. Rasha M says:

    Why don’t you let your fans make a Zack Scott Sim? We could upload it to
    the gallery using #zackscott. You can search the galley using the hashtag.

    We could also make houses or Sims that you request. 

  15. Stevie Gatanas says:

    Zack there’s a glitch if u go into build mode then click on a object then
    press shift and the square brackets at the same time it makes it bigger

  16. Daniel Lankas says:

    pewds been in your house

  17. kelsey purnomo says:

    13th commenter and 20 like love it hehe….

  18. jonathan garcia says:

    Why is they’re crystals outside you’er house

  19. GasLegend says:


  20. DarkenedHalo115 says:

    Free xbox live! I am not a bot and this is real!

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