The Sims 4 Gameplay | The Creatures

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11 Responses

  1. Devin Churchill says:

    Wheres tomodachi :(

  2. Raily HD says:

    hi the 1

  3. JJ Lacaden says:

    Hey Ardy! Sorry that I’ve been such an inactive subscriber to your channel.
    After subscribing to you from your Damn Dude montage, I haven’t watched
    much of your content. I thought you were gonna do similar things, but since
    I didnt see anything of the sorts, I didn’t bother. Because of the recent
    release with The Sims 4, I want to see some YouTubers’ opinion on the game.
    When I stumbled upon your series of videos,your humor hit me
    like…something that hits things hard…yeah. After exploring your channel
    a bit more, your content is great. I planned a schedule to binge watch your
    videos from start to present. Sorry once again that I didn’t even give you
    the time of day your watch your videos and my absence on this channel. I
    hope to stay here for the long-run!

    I didnt see this in the comments yet so…

    Darude – Sandstorm

  4. Bryan Iglesias says:

    Damn Dude, Ardy and Aleks going at it already

  5. Angela Williams says:

    You are the ultimate fan boy I swear xD

  6. Ocey Chan says:

    ArdyPKC?! YES?!

  7. Azure Knight says:

    Would you stream this? With a different save if you want to keep this one a

  8. TheDarknessEffect says:

    ardy did you try the building tools? like dragging walls, thats a bunch

  9. KinoKai says:

    Scumbag Koots. Leading you into his office and then tuning you out.

    What the brown?…

  10. Charlie Vinter says:

    You can play Matt Cardle through the radio?! Oh man. That’s it. This game
    is worth every penny.

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