The Sims 4 – Gameplay – Part 3 – Liberty – LegendOfGamer

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20 Responses

  1. LegendOfGamer says:

    Nina is dead, Finishing House, Meeting a girl named Liberty.

  2. jaagup jõgi says:

    Dude im 8 years old and i watch ur League of Legends videos make more of
    League of Legends gameplays cmon man i h8 sims

  3. Zeppo says:

    Don’t ever stop playing this ,this is perfect

  4. jeuelio calhoun says:

    When is the next one commuting out?


    more please its the most hilarious videos ever. 

  6. Awesome .Gamer HD says:

    I Love these, they are hilarious!!!! xD


    What is the song in the end anyone?

  8. HenrikDN says:


  9. Lazertazer says:


  10. metking12690 says:

    Lol liberty just wanted the D that’s it. 

  11. Harry Lin says:

    more sims please legend!!!

  12. Xy TV says:

    I hope this becomes a permenant series like lol…cause i need more than
    just this!

  13. Aaron Escamilla says:

    These videos are nice and funny and keep uploading them but could you
    please still upload league as well

  14. iSonia5c says:

    213 view BOOTIFUL

  15. Rik Rödel says:

    #nina rip

  16. Smackan says:

    I like this sims videos more legend

  17. lucas verde says:

    does this game have an end?im a sims noob just like you

  18. ryan garay says:

    Who. Is. Liberty.

  19. Miruo Lin says:


  20. HenrikDN says:

    You “woohoo” Liberty and then just leave her, and you didnt use condoms
    what tha fuck dude? And next you will find another girl, i think Liberty
    name her baby “F*ck my life”. And i think it would be a good idea to break
    up with Liberty first…

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