The Sims 4 Gameplay – Drunk in Love?

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7 Responses

  1. Cutey Cat says:

    Awesome video as always! ^-^

  2. higbey the demon says:

    Date ends with the girl walking out and the guy getting wasted at a bar
    trying to drown his frustration. so harsh.

  3. higbey the demon says:

    wait, the dufflebag of cash can only be sold for $155? what did she steal
    monopoly money from some kid?

  4. Nad says:

    Aww. The rose in the evil lair was so cute! Uh, I mean… manly stuff,
    yeah, flash the guns! Oh, who am I kidding? This game is freakin’ adorable.
    It’s funny to think that I could probably get along with Damon pretty well.
    He gets home from work and goes straight to the video games just like me
    lol. I would keep him along the path of good. I couldn’t see Damon as an
    evil guy.

  5. Raymond Botello says:

    “How many guys are lining up??”. Hah! Getting all wasted on a work night.
    Reminds me of my past. This new Sims game is too funny. Have him have a
    drink for me next time!

  6. Instagamrr says:

    Is Damon drunk in love, or just drunk?

  7. Michael Smith says:

    You should make Damon and Holly a couple.

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