The Sims 4 Gameplay – Creating Barry McWigglebottom – Part 1

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20 Responses

  1. Gatorevan247 says:

    Play it

  2. mariah sorensen-owusu says:


  3. Daniel Hamilton says:

    MrWilliamo I like you as a big big big sub as well as popularmmos and
    DanTDM I subscribed to all you 3. You should tell me what the experience is
    like because I’m only ten and your like 14-18 please tell me.

  4. Elliot Noble says:

    8th viewer

  5. Aydon Grant says:


  6. kitty gaming says:


  7. Colby Wright says:

    Your. So. Lucky!!!

  8. MannyActions says:

    Make this a series

  9. AssassinMC says:

    that ending

  10. Elle Hodgkinson says:

    Yes. A bowl of shreck. Much Engrish there. 

  11. Cartouis 124 says:

    15. Views 15 likes

  12. Kirsten Marie says:

    Makee it a series plzzz!!! :D

  13. Michael Drummond says:

    You are the best

  14. AJ Harmon says:

    Do a serirs

  15. TheGoldenVoiceGamer says:

    Why does someone dislike this video?

  16. Joe Shortchin says:

    Me will can I play with you I don’t like the walking dead I like the
    blocking dead

  17. Ben Smith says:

    hi mr williamo

  18. charlene luckhurst says:


  19. Grace Rivas says:

    X’D Will i can’t breath … wait… WHO PRESSED THE DISLIKE BUTTON! maybe
    they were like dis-i-like XD
    *dies from laughing so much*

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