The Sims 4 Gameplay – BUILD MODE!

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20 Responses

  1. exotickitten says:

    Subbed. :)

  2. za0000222 says:


  3. Andrew Molina says:

    His views went down so much holy crap

  4. LeleSimmer 17 says:

    Make lets plays

  5. Boba Fett says:


  6. silentc0re says:

    [NEW VIDEO] Exclusive Sims 4 Gameplay showing the new Build Mode! #thesims4

  7. Yomanzplays MC says:

    Can you do a lets play please

  8. BuffRulz says:

    I’d love a lets play of the sims 4, when you get it

  9. LegendJ0e4 says:

    cant believe silentc0re went from runescape to this shit…

  10. Rational Thought (EMC2) says:

    what happened to your channel? the views dropped like hell the content
    changed as well…

  11. HDGamingRawr says:

    🙂 cool

  12. TheArtOfSims says:

    Tuesday isn’t coming fast enough

  13. xFairySarahx says:

    Love your videos. A lets play would be cool :)

  14. Bree A says:

    I’m so exited

  15. Mireille says:

    How did you get the infinity money?

  16. Breanna Spears says:

    Tuesday dear Tuesday , it is not coming by fast enough , seems as though it
    is taking forever ! IM SO EXCITED

  17. mhman21 says:

    can you make 07 and eoc runescape news/update videos?

  18. amadi6 says:

    Can you show in next video style/color change for floors, furnitures ect.
    Or at least tell me what it look like because so far it looks like there is
    just few styles for each item which is disappointment compare to sims 3.

  19. stainedelite007 says:

    how are you able to play this early?

  20. callum hambidge says:

    Very col. I liked your first video earlier too. I would like to see you do
    build mode mostly, but also some lets play sometimes too

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