The Sims 4 Free Update Highlights | Basements, Hairs, Lip Colors, Interactions + More

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  1. tdilover17 says:

    The new update got rid of some of my family tree members and I can’t use my
    cc face overlays anymore :(

  2. Otakusimmer says:

    Hi Jen i have a problem with my game and Iw as hoping you could help me?
    When I open my Sims 4 it automatically minimizes and this has been
    happening for about 2-3 days so I hope you can help me 🙂 (if not its fine)

  3. Luke Workman says:

    I feel like they need to make an expansion pack with tornadoes,earthquakes,
    etc… And use the basement as a shelter.

  4. Vendettis says:

    BASEMENT PARTIES(for teens) You could make Clubs, Underground, Man caves…

  5. Sarah C. says:

    My writing teacher at school has that pixie haircut haha she rocks it

  6. joceline Jjp200128 says:

    The one For interactions at school and work that didnt come with the new
    update because I’ve been able to do that since I first got the Sims 4 In

  7. NickStarrystar1 says:

    Lol…. Montimer. lol…. Mortimer.

  8. Juust AGirl says:

    Sims 4 won’t open after the update. Help?

  9. jackjack _k says:

    You missed the Easter Egg Hunt! Are you going to a video on fining them for

    You basically have to explore different Neighbourhoods and find Easter Eggs
    in Frog Holes, Harvesting Plants, Fishing and Collecting Rocks. Once you
    get all 10, you unlock an object. 

  10. GamingMermaid says:

    Omg so glad to see how much is in this patch! I really like the new female
    hair! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂
    I don’t even know where to begin with Get to Work. I might create a
    building with 6 floors and have a different theme for each floor. :D

  11. Akhira H. says:

    Ahhhh!! I have homework but ummm… that can wait right now lol

  12. Cupcakecupcookie says:

    I’m so excited for get to work and I think I’m going to try having a bakery
    first (:

  13. Vendettis says:

    Jenn one more thing the blonde and dark haired couple in your thumbnail are
    REALLY good looking, you should use them. 

  14. Jinelle0212 says:

    currently updating it :P

  15. shortyjordy says:

    Jen I’ve been using a laptop I have the origin download and sometimes the
    play button is greyed out any ideas??

  16. Jinelle0212 says:

    in my mind, basements = vampires e.e

  17. xX MagicunicornXx says:


  18. TAIL_x_TALE says:

    Great video! But when I open up my game, I don’t have the little pictures
    and patch notes links on the bottom 🙁 (I also don’t have the gallery, and
    the online gallery doesn’t work for me.) Any help?

  19. KʀᴇᴍoᴡᴋᴀPL says:

    basements came with World adventures in TS3 so it was pretty fast 

  20. Brooke Callahan says:

    Whenever I download CC hair in my game it turns blue anybody know how to
    fix that??

  21. AshlySims says:

    I’m still having problems with my game and I removed my custom content
    before updating. I tried repairing it through origin and removing all my
    custom content and opening it. It still didn’t work. I am currently
    installing the game again, which makes me very frustrated. If this doesn’t
    work are there any other ideas for me to fix my game?

  22. iDoctress says:

    *Hueing intensifies* 

  23. Anna Tortellini says:

    Maybe we can see a family portrait in the Springston Legacy Challenge?

  24. Jeanett Veronica Hindberg says:

    There’s also easter eggs 🙂 I just found 2 in my game.

  25. XUrbanSimsX says:

    Update Highlights!! Hope you enjoy, whos getting get to work?!?!

  26. XUrbanSimsX says:

    For thouse having issues with CC and the update. I am not having that

  27. Katie Mathews says:

    Also with the things your sim has made I think you can duplicate it

  28. Iron Seagull says:

    lol I love it when you referenced Sonic The Hedgehog XD
    I’m looking forward to the egg hunt challenge in April, I found an egg

  29. 5AMUL197 says:

    OH MY GOD. You used my sim in a video! Thank you so much!! I just wanted to
    see what the new hairstyles looked like but then I recognized him!! I’m so
    happy right now!!

  30. Rachel says:

    I’m watching this right as I update my game :P

  31. Strikerach Games says:

    My game keeps on crashing after I installed the update. Once I take out my
    cc its fine, but when its in it crashes at “the Sim 4 logo” please help
    anyone! I NEED cc

  32. Emaya89 says:

    I am SO excited for this expansion! Underground dance clubs, secret
    basement sciene labs woo! Probably make a bakery/coffee shop first as the
    cooking skill has always been my favourite 🙂 

  33. Esme A. Price says:

    I’m so excited! I didn’t expect a new free update. ♡

  34. Katie Howard says:

    Hi can someone help me my sims 4 is not working when ever i open it. Up it
    just like not responding and iv contacted the sims 4 help line thay did not
    help so does everyone know what to do please help

  35. Mclladser says:

    Thank you for this video, it was very helpful! I am definitely gonna get
    GTW, it comes a day after my b-day! so I’m suuper excited! I really want to
    have my own bakery or maybe be a detective, all the new careers sound like
    so much fun, I can’t decide! :P

  36. Amber smith says:

    I can’t play! My graphics/video card is bad so it won’t launch!

  37. Waltereys says:

    I can’t wait for GET TO WORK! :3

  38. ChelsieLovesMac01 says:

    how come I have to empty my mods folder to even load up my game now, please
    help I can’t part from my cc!

  39. fashionsimm says:

    Yay thanks for making a video on the new update I am actually playing my
    game now I only noticed the basements and hair at first!

  40. darkprincess000jk says:

    Thorton Wolff? I’m pretty sure that was Morgana’s hubby :)

  41. LanaDelReySimmer says:

    YAY BASEMENTS ARE BACK!!! Time for my torture dungeon 

  42. Victoria Minecraftpe says:


  43. IfLooksCouldKill_420 says:

    With the notebook, I think it automatically just shows up some things
    you’ve collected I think? When I was playing earlier, after my sim caught
    new fish it showed up in the notebook. So maybe that’s the case? 

  44. XUrbanSimsX says:

    Don’t forget to comment and LIKE! Whos getting back to work on tuesday!?

  45. marina? says:

    there is also new outfits or outfit? there’s this Hawaiian shirt outfit for

  46. Mel Mel says:

    YASSS BOO. I’m here boo. I love YA boo. I also love the name Lavender Boo..

  47. jssnov says:

    I hopefully am gonna get GTW

  48. T'Nia Tyler says:

    Oh god it does look like Thorton’s hair! XD

  49. Strikerach Games says:

    I’m getting the update right now and I’m super excited. Thanks for
    showcasing this! Love you! ♥

  50. WrathGirl666 says:

    Sadly us Uk peeps have to wait Til a couple of days after you, but it will
    soon fly by :D. As for careers, I’m tossing between the idea of having a
    sim work in the hospital or owning a clothes shop :D. Pity we couldn’t have
    a florist like you could in the sims 2 lol.

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