The Sims 4 – FIRE!!! Walkthrough Gameplay Let’s Play Playthrough

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20 Responses

  1. CityGamer88 says:

    More! :-)

  2. peter goedhart says:

    Maggie might have a neurological disorder

  3. Firamax111 says:


  4. LadyCeag840 says:

    I know I shouldn’t laugh, but seeing Maggie on fire was too much!

  5. RedMclaren says:

    I always leave a like on every video just like PvZ :)

  6. twinborntiger48 says:

    I’m watching 3 series of these jacksepticeye,gaming lemon,and you

  7. Casey McGlynn says:

    Hey! Is your house available for download? I’d love to download it! :D

  8. JTP says:

    The girls should get out and meet some boys. :)

  9. Battlefield&Pudding says:

    Buy a dish washer

  10. moodee Ghazwan says:

    new baby

  11. matt warren says:

    +GameRiot you need to do the reward points for Scott

  12. Chelsie Gary says:

    U should do something different add another family member or make another
    guy sim add him in there have him flirt with the teens lol

  13. ahmad hajjaj says:

    Yes ithink it’s agood idea to have a man

  14. starmasterism says:

    Make a teen emo pleaaa <3

  15. GOOFY Tubers M4D gaming says:

    I thinks one of the teens should be emo lol
    That would be funny

  16. GermanDirkfoot says:


  17. nader50752 says:

    Love the video!

  18. kiel gross says:

    yessss scottt a next baby yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  19. Qasim Asghar says:

    Make maggie less fat

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