The Sims 4: The Best Wedding Ever?

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16 Responses

  1. Summer Taylor says:

    Have a twin babbies dekap 

  2. Jae FULLER says:

    Have a baby soon

  3. Tabitha S. says:

    More “woo hoo”, lol Love this let’s play…

  4. maxxwell says:

    you should lose the guitar bed and replace with an exercise machine of some
    sort, i would keep everything else the same and work on character

  5. quietdrive911 says:

    hahaha nice ! keep it up man

  6. AnimatedZForever says:

    I knew you’d get married someday :)

  7. Solid says:

    That house swap LOL

  8. GoldCowcookies says:

    Make Summer piss of that guy in that tree garden!!! Btw: I love you

  9. hondurenio4life says:

    Next episode u should work on getting with Liberty, and if u renovate that
    room u should turn it into a complete entertainment room

  10. Stefan Larsen says:

    dekap up in the right top corner you will find build mode “the hammer/
    screwdriver icon”

  11. Dekap says:

    Lets have that wedding.

  12. achraf abdessami says:

    Make a baby ! xDD DO IT ! haha

  13. Summer Taylor says:

    Have a twin babbies dekap 

  14. terry bullard says:

    Deal you should turn that room into a complete gaming room you already have
    the computer just add more too it 

  15. Nick Poole says:

    Robbed that man of his girls, money and his house lol

  16. Jerrell Bell says:

    +Dekap in relation to your last episode. There is a lot of stuff you can’t
    do like “make the drinks” if people are already doing it or In the way of
    the activity. Also you need to save time when you shower by x’ing out of it
    after 1-2 min in real time.

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