The Sims 4: Y U Ignore Us Summer? Gameplay PC

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13 Responses

  1. Majid Michael says:

    I think she ignored u cause you didn’t plan the wedding with her

  2. Dekap says:

    Enjoy episode 6.

  3. Jerrell Bell says:

    +Dekap on other Sims you can miss one day of work during the week. If you
    miss two consecutive days you get fired.

  4. Jerrell Bell says:

    Also you need to study how to cook by reading cook books in book case. You
    will make food faster and better food that keeps you full for longer…
    Also you are getting billed for stuff you do that is in the mailbox which
    you need to pay.
    One thing you can do,is go to other people house and eat thier food for

  5. Mindaugas Dapkus says:

    Marry Summer. Make a baby, Buy a bigger house and live happily forever
    after. 🙂 Anyway, keep doing this series!

  6. tahasin islam onon says:

    be married

  7. Dominik Kensy says:

    Man, the Sims are crazy^^

  8. Jerrell Bell says:

    +Dekap hey summer probably isn’t available cause she is probably at work..
    And you need to call a maid on the phone. She cleans up for you while you
    are at work.. 

  9. Lawrence Billings says:

    That’s that AOL dialup

  10. Cyprus says:

    I found your channel this summer and was shocked at the lack of views! Just
    keep doing what your doing because I love it!

  11. Jahn M says:

    Dekap r u gunna do destiny?

  12. SleevedChick says:

    i liked how sims 2 on ps2 let u move ur sim instead of this point and click
    and watching ur sim walk to the object

  13. H. Moses says:

    watch out the bills , from the mailbox ..u have 48 hours to pay them

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