The Sims 4 Episode 5: What Just Happened?!?! Gameplay PC

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20 Responses

  1. track355 says:

    You wanted to get more people to get more episodes…. here you go…. #

  2. Dean Martin says:


  3. maxxwell says:

    can you build a door from your room to your bathroom? saves time by not
    walking all the way into the kitchen and shite

  4. Shahil Rooplal says:

    Awesome vids , I think U Should Elope Let’s see what happens!

  5. Brittney Hill says:

    Yay you’re married 😀 next is babies ! Lmao

  6. AnimatedZForever says:


  7. Malik Coley says:

    I have an idea, divorce her so you wont be married, then ask a little kid
    out and rape her till she shits blood

  8. zias verbist says:

    It’s destiny

  9. Logan Barnes says:

    Keep up the good work Edward 

  10. m00c0wm1lk says:

    you enjoying the sims

  11. reaperkilles2 says:

    Knock her up

  12. Jose Barrios says:

    Only in a virtual life can you go on 3 dates with someone and marry them.

  13. Ryan Clemons says:

    Wat did u do?!?!?!?!!!

  14. ChrisAC30 says:

    dang dekap wanting to tie the knot real quick I would say fuck the wedding
    just keep on going find another interest

  15. Dekap says:

    Guys, what did we just do!?!

  16. Jahn M says:

    Dekap keep doing sims but the problem is when will the series finish
    because if you think about it there is no ending to this game so how many
    episodes are u gunna do?

  17. H. Moses says:

    lol … i mean who would propose in the gym XD, that is just genius !!!
    U can break up with here from the section mean…. but she will be mad at u
    u can invite here to live with u , if u keep talking friendly to here ( ask
    here to move in ) will appear… i think u need to move in together and get
    married later … just so we have 2 videos a day :D

  18. Dekap says:

    Welcome to episode 5. give it a like and a share. What do we do next?

  19. Frito Duh Gee says:

    Date all of the girls in the city at once. That would be dope.

  20. SteazyZ says:

    You should just marry her, its not like you have much choice

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