The Sims 4 Episode 4: Our New Girlfriend Gameplay PC

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20 Responses

  1. CCDBOYS says:

    Be faithful to summer don’t do her lik dat

  2. ChrisAC30 says:

    lol 4 hours is like 4 months in a relationship you might as well hunt for
    new chicks but at the same time be with summer keep the “OG mentality” in

  3. Richie says:

    ayyyy im first 

  4. rabbitenthusiast says:

    be faithful shes a 10

  5. Mindaugas Dapkus says:

    This game is fun to watch! Moore!!! And keep the blond girl, since she’s
    hot :D

  6. MiaaWhiteK says:

    Make 2 videos per day bro 

  7. Malik Coley says:

    Be with summer since she is the hottest bitch we’ve seen so far

  8. monkeyXmonkey says:

    Don’t be faithful XD Be a gamer and a thief loool

  9. allowman65 says:

    Have a baby with her

  10. GamingMaster says:

    keep it up man more videos :)

  11. Chris S. says:

    Go Chic Hunting on your next video DeKap ! :D

  12. zias verbist says:

    Be with summer bec

  13. Sab816 says:

    You can work for EA sports. Once you have enough fans you can livestream
    and make a shit ton of money. And you can win money in tournaments

  14. H. Moses says:

    not sure if u can have threesome tho … 😉
    stay with summer but try for a baby with her roommate…

  15. Phillian Draconis says:

    cheat on her with as many girls as possible

  16. Dekap says:

    Meet our new girl

  17. DreadMan says:

    Nah Summer can just be a side piece

  18. Brittney Hill says:

    Be faithful ! :)

  19. Nick Poole says:

    Get new stuff

  20. Baby Nino says:


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