The Sims 4 Episode 3: Woo Hoo! Gameplay PC

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20 Responses


    Dat Woo Hoo

  2. Jahn M says:


  3. Malik Coley says:

    Womanizer, get mad girls 

  4. GundamWing82 says:

    Go for the roommate fuck it lol

  5. quietdrive911 says:

    11:16 the best bit. the reason why this is the most entertaining youtuber

  6. OxephorthMC says:

    More, man! and stay with summer. 😉 for now.

  7. Erskin Hall says:

    Post more

  8. Fun Channel says:

    super quality . dekap please play all your games on pc . keep the great
    quality of videos 

  9. rene doza says:

    pull out bro!

  10. Jose Barrios says:

    Normally, I’m not into watching gameplays of the Sims, but you made it
    soooo much funny and enjoyable to watch. The commentary is ridiculously
    funny. c;

  11. Zak Rogers says:

    Stay with summer

  12. Dekap says:

    Should i start pumping out 2 episodes of these a day?

  13. H. Moses says:

    You can buy some grocery to cook more food , try for baby nxt time with
    summer ..then go after all females in the city and have babies from them

  14. Chris S. says:

    Conquer And Divide DeKap 😀 Become the Ultimate Sims Womanizer 😀 love your
    videos man, keep it up 🙂 i ve nearly laughed my @$$ out with the random
    sh!t that happens too xD

  15. Dekap says:

    Its all about the woo hoo

  16. A.ENG.C says:

    Hahaha, oh damn it’s been a while since I laughed at a video so much. Love
    your videos Dekap :D. 

  17. tahasin islam onon says:

    you should hav
    e a baby 

  18. Chris Trinitapoli says:


  19. reaperkilles2 says:

    Knock her up haha and see what happens afterward

  20. Anthony Phan says:

    anyone else gonna buy destiny

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