The Sims 4 Episode 2: Finding A Job AND Our First Date! Gameplay PC

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20 Responses

  1. Kyler Wilson says:

    Get that pussy dekap yup yup

  2. Retrogravy says:

    I think you should just stuck to romantic interactions the whole time. When
    you switch it to friendly interactions, it takes you out of the flirty mood
    causing you to start all over again.

  3. Fearless5959 says:

    i think she took a crap on herself and was too embarrassed to be around you
    afterwards. more vids bro

  4. Austin Hoag says:


  5. H. Moses says:

    in date when u talking friendly stick with friendly so more choices will
    appear, when u talking romantic stick with romantic so the kiss would show
    up when it didnt happened in ur case dont jump from both even jokes dont
    use them when u flirt ……keep saying romantic stuff and quick, then the
    kiss and woohoo which is the ” sex ” in the sim will appear . love it…
    it’s so funny game play keep plying pls XD

  6. 84mEc84 says:

    Dekap ftw 2 a day plz

  7. ThePeolplesLPs says:

    this was awesome 😀 you should stream it to

  8. Dekap says:

    Enjoy this episode guys

  9. ChrisAC30 says:

    Almost Dekap almost…

  10. WhoIsThisFlyGuy says:

    I think to get rid of random shit that your sim wants to do, is that u go
    to settings and turn off autonomy i think. Good freaking vid dekap.

  11. Malik Coley says:

    Nice shit, upload more if ya can

  12. Brittney Hill says:

    Make a sims family next pls :)

  13. reaperkilles2 says:

    Sims is complicated but ya should of hit on the bartender more haha

  14. Thomas says:

    Please upload two episodes a day!

  15. givememore4free says:


  16. SleevedChick says:

    i havent seen this on steam

  17. Morgan Szloboda says:

    Loving this. :)

  18. RavenAveira says:

    Best first date ever lol well on the bright side bartender looks free xD
    keep it up

  19. Chris BMX says:

    I enjoyed this episode so much I dont want u to ever stop!

  20. Rockstar Lennox says:

    Really enjoying this series so far, funny stuff, keep it going!
    And please bring back the catch phrases, I miss those: “Not a good look!”,
    “Don’t even worry about it”, “Yeah boy!” XD

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