The Sims 4 Episode 1: A Potential New Series? Gameplay PC

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20 Responses

  1. subatenome says:


  2. Christvie Fungula says:


  3. ChrisAC30 says:

    Dekap on sims mos def I would love to see this as a series looks good so
    far knowing Dekap OG decisions shit gonna get real quick.

  4. V Denise says:

    More please. :)

  5. H. Moses says:

    LOL.. that was funny, keep plying it XD … if u need any help in the game
    ask ?! 

  6. Dekap says:

    If you have no HD options, just give it a few minutes. hopefully you guys
    enjoy this and i can turn it into a new series.

  7. Beans4654 says:

    Yes please do more this was a great vid hope you make more of the Dekap :)

  8. Thomas says:

    Yes! Do more!

  9. MacDoodle says:

    Yessssss. Sims 4 w/ Dekap.

  10. Flakgrant Morina says:

    More of this

  11. TheZigEdits says:

    Yeah man keep this going these are funny lol

  12. RavenAveira says:

    seems like dekaps deakp has a mind of his own lol i have to see more of
    this, too good

  13. Jahn M says:

    More plz

  14. 2ProGames says:

    keep it up I love the sims 4

  15. Maria Pfeifer says:

    Laughing so hard. It rocks!

  16. CamperXD FromRoblox says:

    pls no

  17. Dekap says:

    I decided to give the sims 4 a go

  18. Mr. McFlerpy says:

    Yeah boiii! Love your videos Dekap, keep up the awesome work! I’ve never
    found a dull moment on your channel, much love brother. You’re the reason I
    started a Youtube channel and with that, I thank you. Anyways, enough about
    me, this is your channel for crying out loud. Never stop doing what you’re
    doing because all of us subscribers love your content regardless of what
    anybody says about you. 

  19. Baby Nino says:

    I think it would be best to do more

  20. Logan Barnes says:


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