The Sims 4: Epic Wood – Weirder Stories Official Trailer

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20 Responses

  1. Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer says:

    This trailers just keep getting stranger.

  2. StickersNP says:

    Not gonna lie. I’m pretty hyped for the game.

  3. BreenaSasa says:

    Its sad when toddlers and pools are not in the sims 4 🙁 please make it
    available and make sure it is better than sims 3. If not, i better stick
    with sims 3 then. 

  4. Aryssa Zasada says:

    I want Realistic Stories, not weird ones! 

  5. RogueScholarBlue says:

    Yeah, that earned a bit of a chuckle (^^) And for (bleeps) sake people, let
    the Toddler & Pool thing go! You want a toddler that badly? Have sex, make
    one. Want a pool that badly? Have sex, make…oh wait. 

  6. tylerwify says:

    Oh maybe she can build something for her toddler!! Oh wait. darn.

  7. simsweetie says:

    Oh the innuendos.

  8. MellosSims says:

    She’s got no booty, but at least she can work that wood! 

  9. HuntedMC says:

    Ahhh cool imagine if you could make wooden pool frames or-
    oh wait.
    Orrrr maybe a sculpture of a todl-

  10. Eclipse Gamers says:

    Got the sims 4 demo today and get play because my Graphics are to low wow
    EA I thought u made this game for ever one very MADD

  11. RealSimWivesHD says:

    Man I like how she puts all of her aggression into that wood. Oh yaaa!

  12. pjudex says:

    These trailers are stupid.

  13. Vicarious Viking says:

    I’ll give her some epic wood.

  14. iffytiffylove says:

    Seriously guys your ruining the game. Shut the hell up about pools and
    toddlers. Maybe they’ll surprise us with it when it comes out. Maybe not.

  15. Tali Time says:

    Hey, I got an email saying I got a demo for the Sims 4, but when I went
    into my Origin account, it wasn’t there. Is it ok if you send it again? My
    Origin ID is Pontoos 

  16. GameGeek1221 says:

    This wil be in the game, free? That’s suprising

  17. Miss Linda Talks says:

    Please, tell me we can ACTUALLY do that in The Sims 4!

  18. Giulia Moraes says:

    0:38 “not all images represent real gameplay” more like “we are fooling

  19. Diogo Loureiro says:

    I’ll make my sim help her with some wood

  20. slytherin0queen says:

    What’s with all the ea fanboys? If we’re paying like 70$ for the base game
    I think we can be pissed at there being no pools and toddlers and the

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