THE SIMS 4 Epic Wood Trailer

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11 Responses

  1. Manwhale N. says:

    (*▼*) AHHH the dick jokes…..

  2. Woohoo Amazingness says:

    September 5th or 2nd? I thought it came out on the second of September?

  3. ShrekM8 says:

    I would love lightning to strike that house.

  4. Luke Terrance says:

    Origin Required (Silent Gun Shot)

  5. nabber2002 says:

    Is this game going to be on Xbox one

  6. Dark Gamer says:

    Well i love the sims but this one looks like crap 

  7. Reaper says:

    Termites be like you have an lovely home

  8. GameNewsOfficial says:
  9. Canadian Muffin says:

    Game looks good, but… It’s going to require Origin and it’s most likely
    going to have hundreds of dollars worth of DLC, just like the Sims 3 (Which
    has $400 worth of DLC.) And… The game is by EA.

  10. Small Welsh says:

    Is wood going to be DLC?

  11. Shengwu Chang says:

    Someone please lit her house on fire

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