The Sims 4: Epic Burger Cake! – The Story of Cheddar Stilton

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20 Responses

  1. Daisy Dobson says:

    I love this series! Please get a horse!

  2. H Y says:

    Oh my gosh! When he was painting with the salad I laughed so hard XD and
    the burger cake is AWESOME! I’ve actually seen a burger cake in the store

  3. Chole Smith says:

    ONLY 4 MINUTES 4 MINUTES make them longer ash there waaaaay to short!!!!!!

  4. Jackprincess gaming says:

    the fruits are for planting so you go and put them outside and click on
    them and you can see a box say [Plant] can click on that then you have a
    farm and with Sims4 your sims can do like hold a plat and do anything it
    new with the sims i wish they have a cheses cake yum.P.s.i never play sims4
    before but i do watches a youtuber Lifesimmer she do lot of sims video

  5. Alfaro Lyndsey says:

    Hay that’s my name but my name is spelled lyndsey

  6. CJgamingHD says:


  7. Darianna Kleivstul says:

    Why such a short video?

  8. cara brown says:

    Why was it so short

  9. jim de vries says:

    Dear Ashdubh i love the serie can You buy the Sims 4 in a game shop or just
    download iT on steam or something??

  10. Nicola Carpenter says:

    Yes! The return of SmurfDubh. I know what kind of cake I’m going to have
    on my birthday now.

  11. BrySchec says:

    Too short. 

  12. biaxident621 says:

    I believe you received the banana, grape, and apple so that you could plant
    them. It would explain the inability to consume them. Another entertaining
    episode, albeit shorter than what I was expecting, lol. Can’t wait for
    episode 4 /o/

  13. turtleblast ward says:

    “Yo, Dog lets get some….some…SALAD!”

  14. paparazziTwinz says:

    Toooooooooo short make them way longer like 12:00 minutes each that just
    ruined my day

  15. Bananamonkeyguy says:

    You accidentaly called the video epic bugar cake! /o/

  16. AshDubh says:

    NEW Sims 4 is here and Cheddar Stilton bakes the best cake ever! 

  17. redpanda172 says:

    Great series ash

  18. chopchop02 says:

    Ash have a career as a secret agent it would be so funny seeing you eating
    cheese in the middle of the Earth’s danger xD

  19. Charlie Anderson says:

    Make him adopt a baby plz xoxo

  20. Joanne Attard says:

    Omg XD your the best 😀 i LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH iS Mr Chedder Stilton
    has some really good painting up his sleeve maybe I can invest in a few???
    Love you your no1 fan ! :D

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