The Sims 4 – EP2 – Making Friends

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20 Responses

  1. Kronocide says:

    Agent secret ! (Yep i am french)

  2. aghamster101 says:


  3. Samere Sego says:

    Be a secret agent

  4. steven nuth says:


  5. Kaila St.Amant says:

    you should be a tech guru

  6. Mitch Lyons says:

    Do you need a good PC to be able to run the sims?

  7. tahli smith says:

    Be a writer

  8. Garv Shokeen says:

    Be an entertainer or a Secret Agent 

  9. RainbowKitty L. says:

    Can you be a secret agent?

  10. Markus Skulason says:

    tech guru

  11. Fredrik Møller says:

    Kaoshkraft fan server is down ! :(

  12. Miles Cohall says:

    Become a Tech Guru!

  13. 36mooiboy36 says:

    Oh and btw you can use you’re emotions to do stuff. Like if you are mad you
    can do better push-ups and you can even ask someone to coach you. I like
    that feature :D

  14. Austin Smithson says:

    Tech Guru

  15. BBoyJD10 says:

    He should be a Astronaut / Tech Guru :)

  16. GamerAndDesignStudio says:

    Ricky you should choice secret agent.

  17. brian simpson says:

    Secret agent yep

  18. Jacob Durgin says:

    secret agent

  19. Dr.Ninjax15 says:


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