The Sims 4 – EP 2 – Funky Dance Moves!

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20 Responses

  1. MichaelDoesThings says:


  2. Jk Gentile says:

    10th comment

  3. Rykemp Giles says:

    Ok so r u still Doing d sims 3 before the sims 3came out u stop at ep 30
    plz reply and tell me why u stop

  4. Haylee Furrow says:

    No im first

  5. Haylee Furrow says:

    1 st comment love your vids zai

  6. sillysims says:

    Such a good video zia I cant wait for more! :)

  7. Shanae Cuero says:

    Third comment

  8. Sean Desmond says:

    So u are saying u wanna be a slut

  9. Pink-N-Pretty says:

    You should import a new house on your lot

  10. says:

    I love ur videos

  11. jocipants09 says:

    <3 Loved it! :D

  12. Axelcat101 says:

    Hey Zai, get a couple paint easels, and have a couple of your sims paint,
    speed it up and if your good enough, you can make 100-1000+ per painting!
    It is less time than your job if you speed it up 🙂 

  13. lucy vega says:


  14. gamertage1 says:

    Zai were is the livestream

  15. Frozen Girl says:

    1 comment
    8 viewer
    Awesome love your lets plays Zai

  16. Camila Urra says:


  17. nilton hernan says:

    Do more

  18. Fion Sin says:


  19. Haylee Furrow says:

    NO I was zai who was the frist

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