The Sims 4 – Ep. 1 – THE FIRST DAY!

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20 Responses

  1. INerdzKatie 33 says:

    147th View!

  2. loveable girl 101 says:

    You live were chris lives

  3. Duckymomo424 says:

    You are dating a Barbie 

  4. David Garcia says:

    Same house as Chris 

  5. awesomesonic159 says:

    Is the sims 4 worth getting?

  6. Emili K says:

    Can i download it without paying 69 dollars, i dont even know how many
    euros it is but can i download somewhere for free?

  7. Kevin Duron says:

    Yay Carflo Your the Best

  8. Maari Nutt says:


  9. Zombies Alive says:


  10. Lucia Creeden says:

    It was so awkward when they were making out…

  11. Sami H says:

    CarFlo I know it’s soon. But I really wanna see a baby. 🙂 pretty please. 

  12. CarFlo says:

    Yay Finally!

  13. Molly Jones says:

    that is the same house chrisandthemike got

  14. Kenzie Barron says:

    same house as Chris lol

  15. Amanda Mellen says:

    Carlo You Pronounce Mika Like Meeka Her name is Supposed To Be Pronounced
    Mika ( say M-Y-K-A) I have a Friend named the Same Way

  16. Maya Hendry says:

    is he still doing sims 3 and supernautrals in the

  17. Ryan McGee says:

    2nd veiw and comment!!

  18. Isaac Games says:

    Is 12 a good age for this game

  19. Furby Girl says:

    Hi +CarFlo can you please state in your description the day you will be
    uploading the next videos! Thanks!

  20. Waga Multiple says:

    does oasis springs come for free or do you have to buy it with digital
    deluxe or limited edition?

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