The Sims 4 | Ep.07 – The One Where Nothing Goes Wrong.

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20 Responses

  1. Blake Phillips says:

    That is the ugliest house

  2. AdroitNettai says:

    Due to Chaos Theory, Ian requires a penguin TV in his bathroom.

  3. Sam ewyk says:

    you can chat with somone on the pc thats what i do on sims if my sim needs
    social :)

  4. Laidlaw FamilyTV says:

    Make Ian write Jurassic Park III the book!

  5. mcncheese says:

    Try upgrading his stove so he won’t face the same fate as alen

  6. adam vandenplas says:


  7. Cornel Belongie says:

    Loved this episode! Keep it up :)

  8. Zac Thomas says:

    I think you can avoid fires by cleaning the cooker every now and again

  9. Darude Doge says:

    You could cheat just a tiny bit to get him a TV.

  10. Xandersackboy says:

    Please get more friends for better choices of marriage and also so it makes
    the series longer

  11. arakean says:

    AGH! FIRE! KILL IT WITH… wait a second…

  12. Noah Vikström says:

    IF you read books from the bookshelf so be he smarter to cock or other
    things. Maybe he not died like the first person of cock.

  13. Frost Lion says:

    I wonder what happen to Nina wondering how she is taken Alan death maybe
    you should hook him up with her

  14. E- Man says:

    I thought alan was a hero, and then ian came

  15. Da Lawyah says:

    You should be able to afford windows now.

  16. LorisMasta17 says:

    Fires like you BestInSlot.

  17. EliteDragon says:

    but keep nina as your wife 4 the rest of the series if you do it

  18. Animalia FEa says:

    Someone will die next episode

  19. Grumpydrawer says:

    Ummm BIS you do realise those fire alarms are pointless. There are no
    fightfighters in this game. Nor police. Nor repairmen.

  20. LorisMasta17 says:

    Why didn’t you make him a criminal? It would be so much more fun.

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