The Sims 4 | Ep.05 – The One Where It Falls Apart.

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20 Responses

  1. lars ronning says:

    Bestinslot -The Home Of Dinosaur Gaming more stomping land please there´s
    surely a update already 

  2. Falconreach says:

    I think BiS really cried…

  3. milo says:

    I’m sure Nina will survive… that Alan wasn’t exactly the most amazing
    boyfriend material… :D

  4. AdroitNettai says:

    I love how Death uses an iPad XD

  5. Corpsehatch says:

    Well that escalated quickly. Poor Nina, what is she going to do now? Next
    household make Joel and Sarah.

  6. Hawkins247 says:

    Play as nina. And move her into Alan’s old house :)

  7. Breyers Forever2983 says:

    you should make Mrs.Doubtfire and play as her that would be kinda cool 

  8. brightwolfz says:

    Alan Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  9. MegaGorys says:

    Not sure if it would be to much, but if you make a family of three, that
    should really be Kenny, Katjaa and Duck. That would be great. Of course it
    is your decision, just giving tips. :D

  10. Youtuber123 says:

    Recreate Lee from the walking dead.

  11. Eric Bower says:

    Play as a girl

  12. Tyrannosaurus rex says:

    So he survived me in Jurassic Park but he couldn’t survive a simple fire?

  13. Marina Becker says:

    Play fossil fighters chamions

  14. John Ashbridge says:

    you said on facebook that u were gonna start afrika :3 i love you
    bestinslot i still recomend you to ma friends :3

  15. The_Fallen says:

    But seriously, if you don’t continue this, I will end you >.>

  16. Xandersackboy says:

    Karma Nina could have saved you but you ignored her too much. Also next
    time make more jp characters 

  17. Velociraptors of Skyrim says:

    Make a female version of yourself!

  18. Darude Doge says:

    Please BIS, are longer episodes too much to ask for?

  19. LorisMasta17 says:

    Oh my god that was hilarious. Be Dr. Malcolm next or listen to the guy that
    said to make your evil twin.

  20. luis alberto says:

    make the new character based on YOU but make him your evil twin!!!

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