The Sims 4 | Ep.04 – The One With The Date.

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20 Responses

  1. Jurassic.Inc says:


  2. darkwolf6211 says:

    Dude, I love the show friends.

  3. mesosexyy says:

    Tiny Tip: If you water one plant, it waters them all automaticly ! 😀 <3
    the playthrough! Just got the game myself!

  4. DivaGirl10 says:

    cool!!!! I like your commentary. very funny

  5. The Jessa Channel says:

    I am really enjoying your playthrough! I really like this game as well. And
    your titles are awesome!

  6. Mekbots says:


  7. Blaze180888 says:

    Hey bis here’s a tip to stop Alan going in a bad mood when your trying to
    figure something out or look for a certain social interaction pause time it
    will stop Alan getting so grumpy and will make things go smoother in the
    game for you.

  8. Darude Doge says:

    Come on Bestinslot, Do longer episodes! 😀
    This is currently the best Sims 4 Playthrough on youtube so far.

  9. adamgrogory says:

    You are almost creepily determined to kill Nina, aren´t you.

  10. Harleyhatesyou9 says:

    Listen to Duarde Dog

  11. Gregory Russell says:

    go home Allan you’re drunk

  12. waffletoaster978 says:

    For some odd reason the sims is really addictive and appealing. I do not
    know why 

  13. Angelina Kelso says:


  14. The Moorends Movement says:

    “Hello, Moon has to be said in that voice”
    Please tell me thats a Mighty Boosh reference!

  15. reddog says:


  16. Joanne Kelly says:


  17. Lauchlin MacPhee says:

    Apparently English pigeons are nasty little buggers that will
    simultaneously rob, eat and stab you. Good thing all I’ve got are Canadian
    pigeons who apologize every time they sh*t.

  18. Jimmy Jim says:

    Favourite friends character? Favourite friends episode? 

  19. Justin Mohabir says:


  20. The Moorends Movement says:

    Make sure Alan doesn’t say the wrong name at the wedding! and i don’t
    remember Alan or Ross peeing themselves hahaha

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