The Sims 4 | Ep.03 – The One With Crazy Nina.

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20 Responses

  1. Plecoshark says:

    I think you should instead of killing Nina you should have her leave Allen
    when she finds out about his career then have her fall in love with Max

  2. ian tayon says:

    4th view and 2nd like

  3. TheRichZombiePro says:

    WHY would you kill her!!

  4. The Moorends Movement says:

    is the title a Friends reference or?

  5. BestInSlot - The Home Of Dinosaur Gaming says:
  6. The_Fallen says:

    BIS, the reason the days go by so fast is because you go on super speed all
    the time. I don’t mean play at normal, because it’d be an episode for one
    sim day. I mean play at half speed, otherwise you miss some things.

  7. seileen1234 says:

    In your bedroom the windows are inside out XD 

  8. The_Dinohunter says:

    You know what would be cool? If for the nature aspiration if a sim’s
    lifelong goal could be to find Bigfoot 

  9. RandomElit3gamerz says:

    Name the frog hopper

  10. Gregory Russell says:

    BIS, sims are weird folk, their culture and language are unknown but their
    actions in this episode seem to be normal (I study simese)

  11. Ron Fireson says:


  12. Marc DeCarlo says:

    Can u have a play through of Fallout New Vegas 

  13. chrolka says:

    Can I marry your accent? Please?

  14. mcpunkinhd says:

    WO dude u can ask here to move in and ask here out on a date

  15. Will Boxma says:

    To everyone who watches bestinslot leave some likes on his vids cuz he
    deserves our upmost respect

  16. Kristi.L Koehn says:

    Get a dog! : )

  17. Grumpydrawer says:

    Does the Sims 4 require Origin? I assume it does because EA is desperate
    for people to use that annoying thing but I would like confirmation if

  18. Darude Doge says:

    BIS please do longer episodes really enjoying this playthrough :)

  19. Nathan Viller says:

    Thanks for bringing me up, was an awful day. Love the series so far, you
    bring in the laughs for sure.

  20. GirReporting4Duty says:

    BIS, you seem really keen on killing this guy’s wife…

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