The Sims 4: E3 2014 Gameplay Presentation

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50 Responses

  1. StarCatcher525 says:

    Soooo… my Sim can die from having too much fun?
    What the heck and why does the Grim Reaper have a tablet?

  2. KuddlyKisses says:

    Does anyone else feel like they are trying too hard to make up for their
    mistakes and are actually making things a little…ridiculous? 

  3. syafickix says:

    and besides other than pools and toddlers not in base game, apartments
    aren’t available as well in the base game.

    you know what i think? why dont EA just remove those boring stories and
    other emotion crap and give us the things that are actually important like
    pools for public pools, apartments, amusement parks, malls. and removing
    rabbit holes!!!!!!

  4. lambert115 says:

    The price is outrageous it doesn’t seem much different than sims 3

  5. Leeb says:

    What’s all that about the pools and toddlers?
    care to explain?

  6. PandaLeeGames says:

    I have one major problem with this and all the previous games in terms of
    crate a sim.

    Why can’t they make one real curly hairstyle?! Have you seen the ones they
    have made? They look terrible! I never mess around with downloading mods
    but seriously the mods make better curly hair! My mom has naturally large
    curls and my half sister has much smaller, tighter curls.

    I don’t want to give them salon style waves or straight hair! >:(
    It might seem like an issue to most but when you try to make real family
    members it is really annoying.

  7. Brandon Dupont says:

    Omg the screaming at 0:20 xD

  8. Johnnifer Washington says:

    So excited!!!! I’m gonna be excited to death!!!! This is and a new PC is
    all I want for my birthday!!!! 

  9. Raylyn MoCo says:

    over twitter too……

  10. chickoman355 says:

    only 3 traits… :(

  11. Twilight Sparkle says:

    Why he or she dies of laughter T_T 

  12. arian bacmeister says:

    Pools and toddlers WILL be in the base game, just NOT in September. Just
    like basements and owning more than one property where a patch in the Sims
    3 for example.

  13. EletrictxCreeper says:

    Seriously guys, its probably a rumor. 

  14. Christopher Nalley says:

    *Why are people complaining about the Graphics?*

    *Games like the Sims 4 don’t rely on **SUPER MEGA AWESOME GRAPHICS** its
    just not something the Sims games do. In fact, I feel that the style they
    chose is the right one. The game uses cartoony graphics because the game is
    about humor, and is like a cartoon in its self. Think about a game that
    uses graphics similar: Tf2. Team Fortress uses this graphics style because
    it fits with the silly game play. If the game was more serious, then the
    style of graphics would have changed. Sims is the same way. Sims is very
    silly, and not very serious. This is why I feel the graphics for the Sims
    fit very well-because it fits the silly humor of the game!*

  15. iamnotjack says:

    dying of laughter? that’s so stupid

  16. jacklanting says:

    “Laughed so hard he died,” what kind of sick sh*t is this?!!

  17. Amelia Maire says:

    They took away the toddlers and swimming pools for a good reason, so that
    the developers can focus on the important stuff (the characters, the
    gameplay, etc.) Don’t hate on them for trying to make the game good.

  18. AquaMeow101 says:

    Will this play on a Mac OSX 10.9?

  19. Tiffany Ann says:

    Now I am scared that, I am going to kill my by making then laugh. Is there
    a death flower ? 0.0

  20. kamisunshine says:

    Umm they can die of laughter? If that’s the case I’m keeping my eye on them
    VERY close

  21. Thu Win says:

    Sims 3 or Sims 4? I’m a new Simmer and I want the best experience.

    How is story progression and pools removal affect your choice to buy the

  22. nikki butler says:

    Okay so sims 3 was the best thing that ever happend to us simmers but now
    you’re taking away stuff that people really love like pools and toddlers I
    think I’ll stick with the sims 3 for now until like everyone plays sims 4
    we thought u were going to add new stuff but u took something’s we really
    loved away

  23. Savannah Schlegel says:

    there’s a thing i noticed they almost never do, they need to make the
    sims’s hair move and not just stay in one spot

    but i can’t wait for this game to come out!!!!!!

  24. Darkening Demise says:

    -MS Paint graphics
    -Blurry flat ground
    -NO swimming
    -NO swimwear
    -NO open world
    -NO sims continuing life when you’re not playing as them
    -NO stores
    -NO work places
    -NO schools
    -Dying from laughter
    BACK!!!!!!! >:D
    -NO speech bubbles during conversations
    -New shitty clunky looking UI that DOES NOT look like The Sims since 1
    -Bland 2D pictures outside lots to make it look like there’s a world -_-
    -Lots look bland and empty
    -ONLY 1 ‘world’
    -VERY FEW lots split up into TONS OF LOADING SCREENS!
    -LESS traits
    -Walk off lot to go to ‘school’ and ‘work’
    -NO turn offs or turn ons
    -NO toddlers
    -NO pools
    -HAVE to use a ‘phone’ to ‘travel’ and hit tons of lengthy loading screens

    You’re a bunch of greedy pricks that are using excuses for this failed
    abortion. We wanted MANY of these features in the Sims 1, and you waited
    OVER TEN FUCKING YEARS to add foundation and wall heights? Ok yeah so
    BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS later, you make it in the game. Nice. Oh and you
    still have yet to add weather and seasons or even pets into the base game?
    Oh wait; “Due to new tech built from the ground up-” BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!
    BLAH! You’re just going to milk it more from the gullible tits of the Sim
    fans by making Pools Expansion $40, Toddler Expansion $40, Swimwear
    Expansion $40, Pets Expansion $40, Seasons Expansion $40, New Neighborhood
    (or to YOU a ‘world’) $50-OR $80 for ‘premium’ edition and get a MS Paint
    hat! :D

  25. Adeline Black says:

    Our sims are really going to die of laughter???

  26. Kasumi Suzuki says:

    Die of laughter? WTF?

  27. Clara Michalak says:

    I don’t care if it’s a rare thing they can die of laughter. Why add that in
    the first place?,.. It’s completely unrealistic. And damn right

  28. zara newkirk says:

    I still love sims 3 better it’s what I’ve had for years. It’s got all of my
    expansion packs and my downloaded content. Sims 4 expansion packs will take
    ages to come out and sims 3 is just BETTER!!❤️❤️. 

  29. mase lane says:

    I love how no one applauded by the end of the presentation, I’m starting to
    rethink buying the sims 4. bring free pool/tot expansions and no rabbit
    holes, maybe. 

  30. Kenya West says:

    I hope they add a ‘Hold hands’ interaction.

  31. Bella Casulli says:

    And are their pools

  32. Tom Blizz says:

    again a singleplayer sims…..¬¬, I NEED A SIMS ONLINE, A FUCKING MMO SIMS

  33. Xsweet Sims says:

    Am I the only person that is concerned with Dying of Laughter…
    You all are all talking about there not being any pools or toddlers but
    that will come with expansions, I don’t understand the whole thing about
    dying from something as stupid as laughter, then there is dying of
    embarrassment, and anger…. I’d be perfectly fine with no toddlers cuz
    that means no more teaching them skills :P

  34. SabrinaGiggles says:

    okay i cant believe there isnt going to be pools or toddlers >:(

  35. esmokebaby says:

    I wounder if thay got pernisikn to make a obama look alike if so how much
    did he charg or if not i wounder if thay will git sued for hsing a look
    alike without permison

  36. cance7984 says:

    Person A: Pools ARE The Sims. Without pools, It’s worthless. Remove
    toddlers though, that’s fine by me.

    Person B: Toddlers ARE The Sims. Without toddlers, it’s worthless. Remove
    pools though, that’s fine by me.

    Everyone Else: The Sims is the sum of many, many parts. Play the game and
    shut up. You’re being the entitled gamer everybody hates.

  37. Mary C.T.P. says:

    Wait, you can download & drop sims right into your game while playing?

  38. MrArcanineHD says:

    So if I make my sim too happy, he dies? Fucking hell that’s lame! What the

  39. magnus87 says:

    No Pools? No Toddlers?? RLY….. really EA?? Sorry but.. WTF!
    What is next??? Sims 5 without walls and floors? D:

  40. MoerasGrizzly says:

    Am I the only person slightly creeped out by someone cheerfully exclaiming
    that you can kill people by making them laugh to death now?

  41. ILoveStemi says:

    Sims can die of laughter?! I don’t like that! I try to make my sims as
    happy as possible and try to have them live a long and full life but I
    guess I can’t do that since sims can die from being too happy! That sucks.
    I’m downloading the first mod available to correct that.

  42. XoXo1Aquarius says:

    I wonder why EA felt the Graphics was a Good idea…the biggest

  43. TheGeoshark says:

    Not buying it unless it’s on steam. I refuse to use origin because it’s a
    massive piece of shit.

  44. GoldenOpportunist01 says:

    I like how everyone is bitching about not buying this game. Not like you
    can download it for free, lol

  45. blueyedbeauty99 says:

    Your Sim can laugh so hard they can literally die?! Damn, The Sims creators
    are into some sick shit…

  46. Manolethee says:

    THE SIMS 3

  47. Global Music says:

    you can bring them straight into your game but no “online” ?

  48. MachineEmpire1985 says:

    So this is why we can’t have our little bundles of joy or our pools to swim
    in because our sims need to die of laughter. Well EA you just gave me an

  49. Tessa Kuhlman says:

    The sims 3 was so fucking annoying with all the god damn glitches, this
    looks a lot cleaner than the previous game trailer. I hope they learn how
    to deal with errors…

  50. Robotic Lover says:

    I like how people keep complaining about all these huge bugs they never
    fixed in sims 3. I’m running the game on a terrible laptop with like 4
    expansion packs installed. I’ve had barely any issues with the game in fact
    in runs so much better than I could have expected. Since I don’t have any
    mods installed, according to these people it should be glitching so much I
    wouldn’t be able to play it. Yet I’ve never seen these so called glitches.

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