The Sims 4: Current Household (Goldman)

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8 Responses

  1. Ashleyosity says:

    I pronounce her name Ah-leese-e-uh in my head, but I had a friend who spelt
    and pronounced her name that way. xD

  2. Jim the Sim says:

    Yay for the Sims 4! :D

  3. looby1993 says:

    I found a cheat that you put testingcheats true and then cas.fulleditmode
    and that takes you into cas and I think you can change it that way 🙂 I
    have the same thing with my sims :)

  4. Lps catnipTV says:

    U should per ounce her name uh-LEASH-uh

  5. andazolap says:

    First comment.

  6. Sonia Odutola says:

    It’s too bad it’s not for the Mac (the sims 4)

  7. xSimSugar says:

    Love watching TS4 current households – great job!

  8. SuperCs83 says:

    The name thing isn’t a glitch. There are no family trees. I had my sim get
    married and the names stayed different. Also, my sim had a kid and after 5
    days of living together, they still didn’t know eachother,(the daughter and
    the stepdad) as they would in the sims 3 cause of the family trees. 

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