The Sims 4 Current Household #1

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20 Responses

  1. TheJulieGaming says:

    Yay! A current household :3

  2. Martina Manzo says:

    Your video are simply faboulus !! LOVE it :D

  3. Amber Phillips says:

    I might be getting sims 4 today:)

  4. tricksandtips says:

    how do you have all this free time to play sims omg… are you in school?

  5. x100Beauty says:


  6. Blue_eyed_blondie says:


  7. SofeeSims -x says:
  8. Courtney Armstrong says:

    I love her galaxy leggings/Jeans

  9. Emily Jones says:


  10. Keimermann says:

    I was first there was only 6 views

  11. Anya Naylor says:

    I love goth boy so much! My Sims was like my favorite game as a kid! It’s
    the sims game for little kids basically.

  12. Bloodmoonlilmonster6 says:

    What she say about the goth boy? Her accent makes it hard to understand

  13. Jacob Wan says:


  14. JerJer Jellybean says:

    The sims 4 is Awesome!

  15. Claudijan K says:

    love ur videos!! ❤️

  16. VonniePow says:

    Your voice is so amazing. I love your videos!

  17. zhenetha clary says:

    Sims 4 is my least favorite sims game first is always sims 2 but yeah I
    don’t like the cartoony in the game (just my opinion)

  18. Universalis says:

    Maybe you were thinking about jessamica92? She’s blonde and pregnant too…

  19. Sky Duhart says:

    Did you pay for this game or download it free from a site ?

  20. Connie Vick says:

    Yay I’ve been waiting!!! :)

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