The Sims 4: Create A Sim Official Gameplay Trailer

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50 Responses

  1. Rage Quitter says:

    So what you’re saying is, I can make dat booty banging.

  2. Saddam Hussein says:

    That game Looks like shit

  3. Angelo Piromalli says:

    Everyone is too busy looking at what the Sims 4 doesn’t have. It’s a new
    game, not an expansion for The Sims 3. The Sims 4 may be taking away some
    key features that The Sims 3 included, but it’s also adding a bunch way
    cooler things I would rather have. Sure it’s not going to have Create a
    Style, Toddlers, Pools, Basements and some other things, but does that
    really matter. Without Create a Style, I bet the loading times will e way
    faster because the game doesn’t need to load thousands I textures which we
    really don’t use. The only thing pools were actually used for was pretty
    much drowning sims (face it). Since Toddlers are gone, I’d say that Babies
    and Children will be way more interactive and do a lot more things now.
    Again, stop looking at what it doesn’t have, and look at what it does have.

  4. Jack The Ripper says:

    You’d think for a 2014 PC exclusive the graphics would be way better than
    this, it looks no better than The Sims 3, if not WORSE. 

  5. DannyBeatzMusic says:

    No pets, no weather, no purchase, bottom. EA and Maxis love grabbing our
    money over and over again with the same cycle. They think, if it isn’t
    broken, then don’t fix it. Fuck EA, I will be torrenting this game. Que
    lastima. Sims 4 is a money grab!

    P.S. I would gladly pay for this game, if Maxis/EA weren’t such money
    grubbing bastards!

  6. Sam Reynolds says:

    Looks cool, but the graphics on Sims 3 look better than this.

  7. Miyuki Izumi says:

    You all are so fucking annoying with your bitching! If they didn’t make a
    sims 4 you all would be bitching about that too!! Shut the hell up at least
    there making me for us.. They could have just said fuck them let’s just
    stop at sims 4! Shut up and at least it looks nice and has way more
    improvements the sims 2 and 3. FOR FUCKS SAKE YOU ALL ARE WHINY AS FUCK

  8. XDWinter says:

    totally sucks that this game doesn’t even have a Mac release date yet. :C 

  9. Lyla Dolly says:

    The only positive thing I saw in this was that you can finally give them an
    ass, so sick of sims have no butt. I was so excited for the sims 4 for one
    main reason; awesome graphics (like where you can really see the detail in
    their hair and make up etc.) I wanted it to become more REAL, with real
    world options like murder, teen pregnancy, abortion, government support for
    single parents, more jobs and the fun stuff we have to download through
    mods. I only play to fuck with my sims not to fulfil their stupid dreams
    :'( I got my hopes up too high, this looks ridiculously like cartoon.

  10. XoXo1Aquarius says:

    As they release More and more info about the Sims 4…the more Disappointed
    I am. The graphics is already a Huge failure…but theres No cars, Pools,
    Toddlers, Open world, or Create a style.

    SERIOUSLY???? This is supposed to be an Upgrade….WHAT IT IS IS A MAJOR

  11. Brelyn1215 says:

    This is a great new feature and everything but what’s up with the graphics
    of the game regressing each series? I assumed they’d be going for a more
    realistic look but I guess not.
    That’s way too high considering the one million and one extension packs I
    know they’re going to release.

  12. Jennifer Dafle says:

    i have a question are their cheats in sims 4

  13. LetsBeTina says:

    Can you buy this yet?

  14. Tom Blight says:

    When BF gets a new exciting addon it’s usually in the core for the next
    one, eg the ac130 in an expansion for BF3 then in the core BF4, so why is
    it you still need an expansion for seasons, pets, businesses in everyone of
    the Sims games? Expansions should be things people haven’t gotten before.
    The Sims will never progress much further then it has because they spend
    too much time rewriting the same code over and over again. The business
    model probably looks good now but do you really think people will buy Sims:
    Pets for a 4th, 5th, 6th time?

  15. GranMarqueeLP says:

    So now There’s not only loading between districts but There’s loading when
    you go between lots too! Probably not full loading times just loading of
    the building but I thought one of the points of having it already loaded
    was so we didn’t have to go through all that. And There’s only 5 lots a
    district….5…which adds up to 25, 30 if you add the probability of
    hidden ones. TS3 had 92 in the Sunset Valley! So What’s their excuse for
    putting the loading screens in?!

  16. Emma Powell says:

    I hate these people for making me want a game I can’t afford! :'(

  17. Sara Janzer says:

    the sims 4 is like 70$! its a scam! your better off getting the sims 3 and
    downloading mods!

  18. Chloe Saunders says:

    Wanna know what else is gonna suck about the game? The fact that they
    announced the boat and train u see in the trailer is unusable and just
    there for decorations. Fuck you EA

  19. Gabriel Pezzi says:

    1:45 Petyr Baelish is that you??

  20. ThEcAnDyCrAcKeR says:

    If the game is actually like this, I’ll buy it just to fuck with their
    looks. I was really disappointed with Sims 3. Don’t let me down again EA. I
    know you can do good if you try!

  21. ninatokitoka says:

    Wow in 1:03 when you compared Sims 3 to Sims 4, I realised how awful the
    new graphic really is! I was so excited for the new game, but now I won’t
    buy it!

  22. cance7984 says:

    REMEMBER EVERYONE: Not all images represent actual gameplay.

  23. Emma Powell says:

    Why can’t you adjust height god damn it!?!! The one thing I wanted, and you
    do everything but that! Lol.

  24. TVDVideoMaker says:

    This looks like the Sims 1… well..

  25. Worrawit Dulyavitya says:

    What about color wheel?

  26. sowoneul malhaebwa says:

    I really love the new CAS. You can make your Sims look so diverse now. I
    always had Sims with similar features, especially the ones I made myself,
    since I only liked it a certain way, but these Sims look good in many
    different options. I’m pumped for The Sims 4, even though I will miss some
    old things – but I’m still keeping my old games. But why are people
    complaining about the price? It’s the regular for every newly released base
    game of The Sims franchise. 

  27. MrTwoTrout says:

    Why only on PC? That’s ridiculous, making it for consoles would only
    increase profits. The casual people who play this game don’t even have
    good enough PCs (or PCs at all).

  28. Helloitsme says:

    Ugh I wish my computer was fixed so I can play The Sims 4 🙁

  29. Wafmice says:


  30. Shannon O'Brien says:

    is it just me or do the sims 4 graphics look worse than the sims 3. The CAS
    for s4 is awesome but the graphics are super plain. If s3 had the CAS
    system like s4 that would be so much better. Its like they totally
    downgraded in the graphics department because the CAS was so diverse and

  31. Irina Ratcu says:

    The way i see it is this:
    There are 6 life stages out of which babies stay in a bassinet and the
    young adults and adults are the exact same.
    So why not make 3 different heights for adults ? Short, medium and tall.
    Not a slider, that way we get height options and they would only have to
    recalibrate the interactions an additional 9 times.
    They got lazy, that’s what happened. But I’m freakin sure a stupid
    rocketship and a dumb cowplant will make up for it..
    This entire game has meant nothing but compromises for simmers around the
    globe. I preordered it because I loved the previous game and there sure are
    things to love here. But this game had tremendous potential and the EA TEAM
    just flushed it all down the toilet.

  32. girlsrock236 says:

    Are we able to choose how tall they are? If so I would be SOOOO happy!

  33. AntiSolid3000 says:


  34. Tayven Sei says:

    I can’t seem to find a way to customize the color of hair, cloths, and
    eyes. Why take that away or is it some where else? Because I use the Sims
    sometimes to create anime characters like from Naruto, bleach, Death Note,
    DBZ, and so on. Tell me where is that option.

  35. Van says:

    I have very important exams next year. Can awesome stuff stop being
    released at inconvenient times?

  36. hillary wendil says:

    wouldnt it be easier if you could just snap a picture and let it generate
    its self into a sims? i dont know about you but thats def the easiest way
    and im kinda lazy when it comes to making a sim

  37. Darkening Demise says:

    -MS Paint graphics
    -Blurry flat ground
    -NO swimming
    -NO swimwear
    -NO open world
    -NO sims continuing life when you’re not playing as them
    -NO stores
    -NO work places
    -NO schools
    -Dying from laughter
    BACK!!!!!!! >:D
    -NO speech bubbles during conversations
    -New shitty clunky looking UI that DOES NOT look like The Sims since 1
    -Bland 2D pictures outside lots to make it look like there’s a world -_-
    -Lots look bland and empty
    -ONLY 1 ‘world’
    -VERY FEW lots split up into TONS OF LOADING SCREENS!
    -LESS traits
    -Walk off lot to go to ‘school’ and ‘work’
    -NO turn offs or turn ons
    -NO toddlers
    -NO pools
    -HAVE to use a ‘phone’ to ‘travel’ and hit tons of lengthy loading screens

    You’re a bunch of greedy pricks that are using excuses for this failed
    abortion. We wanted MANY of these features in the Sims 1, and you waited
    OVER TEN FUCKING YEARS to add foundation and wall heights? Ok yeah so
    BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS later, you make it in the game. Nice. Oh and you
    still have yet to add weather and seasons or even pets into the base game?
    Oh wait; “Due to new tech built from the ground up-” BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!
    BLAH! You’re just going to milk it more from the gullible tits of the Sim
    fans by making Pools Expansion $40, Toddler Expansion $40, Swimwear
    Expansion $40, Pets Expansion $40, Seasons Expansion $40, New Neighborhood
    (or to YOU a ‘world’) $50-OR $80 for ‘premium’ edition and get a MS Paint
    hat! :D

  38. D Newman says:

    Ok, I played the Sims game for HOURS back in the day. Totally addicted, now
    there is Sims 4, however after watching this clip I noticed the graphics
    haven’t changed as much as I expected. I heard this edition will cost $80,
    I’m still waiting for a trailer that will make me say the cost would be
    worth it .. still waiting.

  39. KreeZafi says:

    Nobody’s gonna read this but I’ll go for it xD

    I was so excited about TS4 coming out but after seeing all the trailers I’m
    not going to get it, it seems like the worst one so far!

    The completely worn out complaint first: They look like shit! The faces are
    okay I guess, but the hairstyles look like some kind of hard plastic dolls
    that nobody likes. TS3 looked better.

    Their movements are “too much”, they look kind of wobbly and weird.

    Without the color changing tools, nothing will be fun to create! I could
    never make the sims I want without those. The color tools were probably one
    of my top three favorite new things in TS3, so having them removed makes
    this game shit!

    Sims with more personality? Nope, these have fewer traits! To give them
    personality you’d need MORE traits, and they’d have to be more “specific”
    and actually affect the gameplay (in TS3 they barely affected gameplay at
    all, except you had a few different interactions, but in the end all sims
    were pretty much the same really).

    This new mood thing seems really annoying. Having to take care of emotions
    must be quite bothersome, and on top of that they can apparently die of
    laughter if they have too fun! Fuck that!

    Now I don’t know about this one because I haven’t heard about it, but can
    they finally have one-sided relationships now? (Meaning that they can be in
    love with someone who doesn’t love them back or have kids hate their loving
    parents and stuff like that) Because if not, there are literally zero
    improvements from earlier games!

    On top of it all, this has no “feeling” to it whatsoever. Some of it was
    already lost in TS3 (the most atmosphere was in TS2) but here it’s
    COMPLETELY gone!

  40. mortalkombatqueen jade says:

    i hope they release this with a xbox 360

  41. Jade Heath says:

    I hope in Sims 4 you can see inside the school aha idk why it’s just
    annoying it won’t let you see inside >:(

  42. Instagamrr says:

    I added a video of the creation tool to my channel. I’m also going to post
    a video as soon as Sims 4 launches tonight, so be sure to subscribe if you
    don’t want to miss it!

  43. Erin Mills says:

    OMG SO COOL!!!!

  44. Luna2013 says:

    Why does it come out the day I start school :(

  45. clytie says:

    but the real question is, can i now murder other sims?

  46. Hachi Chan says:

    And there I was hoping that Sims 4 would be a huge changexD sigh

  47. valensmann says:

    Will it be possible to import Bella as my real life wife?

  48. videoghost says:


  49. Mary C.T.P. says:

    Why is there so much hate on the looks? The only reason they make it so
    cartoony is so everything runs faster and so there’s a lot less lag than
    the Sims 3. And honestly at first I hated the look too, but after a while
    I’ve actually come to love it.

  50. BORINGchickenwing says:

    My guy is going to be SUPER FAT, SUPER UGLY and have ZERO TALENT!!! But
    he’s going to FUCK EVERY WOMEN IN THE TOWN!!

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