The Sims 4 Create A Sim Gameplay – Lara Croft Tomb Raider

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20 Responses

  1. Tozi Fox says:

    I can hear teh puppy

  2. UNSKIALz says:

    Not a bad final rendition! The boots made it. Going through Tomb Raider PS4
    right now – I especially appreciate the gritty, grounded feel. Keeps you
    involved in the story, compared to Uncharted where I feel more like a
    spectator to an explosive series of events.

  3. Gabriel Thomas says:

    Pretty close

  4. charlie leonard says:

    Hey Alanah have you thought about making a gaming channel for lets plays
    and stuff like this video and keeping this channel for vlogs and reviews?

  5. EcP RyZe says:

    4:30 how did you do that voice? It doesn’t sound human at all!

  6. WardSnow says:

    Make Groot

  7. Scott Andrè Daastøl says:

    u look nice

  8. Francisco Santiago says:

    // Does it have to be gaming-related? Can you make Kim kardashian then let
    her drown in the pool? 

  9. Jesse LeFevre says:

    Flaws Alanah pls. Your beautiful. 

  10. Alanah Pearce says:
  11. LittlePurpleMonsterz says:

    I like how you actually choose a realistic boob size whereas in tomb raider
    they’re enormous!

  12. CtrldKilla says:

    13:37 xD

  13. ibrahim raza says:

    i lloooooooove tomb raider!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Gigo Pere says:

    Puppy Update??

  15. isyutd159 says:

    Looks great. I cannot wait to pick it up myself! I’m going to create Jesse
    Cox haha. 

  16. Enny Oyebo says:

    If you stumble across this comment. Can you do another Create-A-Sim.(do you
    play sims when you don’t film) do more sims 4 Cas’es

  17. KalathraGames says:

    Butt changes. I’m dying.

    I didn’t even realise that was a thing I needed in my Create A Sim

  18. Baha Mial says:

    Make Niki Minaj!!! Lol

  19. Sam says:

    She looks hot, but she’s way too muscular. 

  20. Marieke van der Poel van der Poel says:

    What for computer do you have ? Sorry for my horibble english, I am from
    Holland :)

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