The Sims 4: Create A Sim Demo Official Gameplay Trailer

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50 Responses

  1. Puppylover863 says:

    I’m getting the demo but not the game cuz I feel almost 80 bucks is a
    little to much. I might get it when the price goes down.

  2. Camjaycliff HasSwag says:

    is this a good gaming pc?

  3. Ricardo Arantes says:

    No graphical improvements.. DISAPPOINTED 

  4. globalproductions01 says:

    I mean nothing has changed from their “Beta” they claimed was from June!
    This isn’t going to sell well no matter how many people like the Sims. Only
    people who for some reason believe the crap EA tells them will buy this…
    And people that think that this is an improvement… I’m just going to sit
    here and wait for the complaints to come flooding in from everyone who
    bought it, because there is so much more EA hasn’t told us about what
    they’ve taken out. I’ve learned that cars are solely for decoration now.
    And the end goal for this game is kind of confusing since you can get what
    job you want from the get-go instead of making your sims work to get a
    better item that can find more jobs for your sims. I hope everyone realizes
    that unless something happens like it did with SimCity, EA is NOT going to
    give us what should already be given to us!

  5. Sophxdolphin says:

    I mean, the Sims 4 demo is cool but… I don’t really think I’ll play the
    Sims 4 very often when it comes out and I’ll stick to Sims 2/3 as the new
    sims games are unfinished! I waited for quite a long time to get Simcity
    because I was not gonna play online, and I’ll think I will do the same for
    The Sims 4. Idc about pools, it’s toddlers that I need. Unless EA add
    toddlers in at a later date (As a patch NOT AS AN EXPANSION PACK) I will
    not play The Sims 4, And I have the bloody right to complain about this so
    don’t tell me to shut up as I wont, and everyone else who is upset wont
    shut up until they add toddlers and pools. The whole Sims franchise is
    simply gonna fall apart as EA is more interested in their stupid cash grabs
    than finishing the game! 

  6. Moogin says:

    This game boutta be wack as fuck.

  7. ElleBeeps says:

    I mean the problem is, this is basically it tbh. The demo appears to be
    everything that the game is. It’s half finished with no graphic improvement
    and a lack of the basics. When the Sims 3 came out I had such high hopes
    for how amazing the Sims 4 would be. DISAPPOINTED.

  8. SAA says:

    To everyone who complaints, shut up! The aren’t going to somthing about it,
    buuhuu no pools buuhuu no toddlers! They wont change it now so its no

  9. Ricardo Arantes says:

    Looks like SIMS 3..

  10. Dimitri Sels says:

    Can you play online with your friends? That would be amazing.

  11. MrsCharliebear says:

    Just tryed the Demo and tbh didnt like it no graphical adjustments and they
    pull and stretch thing didnt work how it was shown I hope this does change
    in the actual game! And side note no pools? No toddlers? Doesnt sound great
    :/ and loading screen????? Have to say I thought we moved on from that! Not

  12. Abraham R.R says:

    I have a video card Nvidia Geforce GT 540M, RAM 4,CORE i7, Windows 7
    ultimete, Can i play the sims 4 in my PC??? thanks to answer me

  13. Eboni Aymer-Jeffrey says:

    Why is the demo only available on windows? I have a mac and I find it
    confusing to why it is not available on macs 

  14. brianna mckenzie says:

    I’ve played the demo and I actually thought the new drag tool or whatever
    was going to be better but it’s hard if I’m dragging the nose down or
    something my mouse would move to the the cheeks nd stuff

  15. SquishyWitch says:

    Well, I have the demo but I can’t using it seeing as my laptop is a piece
    of shit that can’t even handle a fucking demo. God, I wish I could invest
    in a gaming PC.

  16. ConcreteAngelChloe says:

    I’m a little annoyed that the toddler stage was taken out, but I’m pretty
    pissed and irritated that the color real in the creating mode has been
    taken out. WHY.

  17. Whitney Corns says:

    they make moving the body parts easy but in reality its kinda hard and
    annoying grrr

  18. ButterflyRose. says:

    I think I’ll stick with the Sims 2 and 3. Apart from the emotions thing,
    there really doesn’t seem to much new to the game. And what is with the
    plastic looking hair? The Sims 2 hair looked better! 

  19. Sheri Connell says:

    So when the game actually comes out will there be more hairstyles clothes
    etc… or is that a dumb question.. since youll probs put that in a later
    expansion like toddlers and pools right?

  20. Andrea Lopez says:

    Hey, I’m on a recent MacBook Pro and I want to play the Sims but I believe
    I need to do other things first right? Like downloading something?

  21. spartz117 says:

    No open worlds, no create a style, no pools, no toddlers, no ANYTHING.
    Why the FUCK would I buy this game!?

  22. Kayleesue9999 says:

    It looks kinda cool but no toddlers or swimming pools?! Also in my opinion
    it looks very cartoonish 

  23. HuntedMC says:

    I can’t believe it, I can’t actually believe people are taking EA’s side on
    this one, and opposing the “complainers”.
    Let me spell it out clear for you idiots: I for one don’t really care about
    toddlers. I care about pools yes, but maybe I could look past it. The thing
    that annoys me about these two is WHY they left them out – they have no
    excuse, the ‘reason’ they gave was complete bs, and anyone with half a
    brain could tell it’s a cover up. Remember SimCity’s Offline stuff? Yeah,
    so you trust EA still? That’s laughable.
    But no, the main issue here is the OTHER stuff they’ve left out just so
    they can grab your cash quicker – they don’t CARE about you. They don’t
    care about ‘die-hard’ fans of the game, they just want your money and they
    give no shits on whether they ruin this franchise or not.
    And what stuff am I talking about? How about story progression? Yep, there
    is literally NO story progression in this game. So much for ‘detailed
    neighborhoods’, am I right? One of the core reasons I buy this game, and
    I’m sure many others buy it, is now gone completely, and I have to manually
    control EVERY sim everywhere so their lives advance. Oh, and free will mode
    is gone. So now you literally HAVE to do everything for them. That includes
    all the mundane bits like making sure they take a shit at the right time.
    Terrain sculpting is also gone. I shouldn’t even need to go on at this
    point, hundreds more things are left out (lists are online on the sims
    forums etc), and this game is now just for bored teenage girls and
    housewives to play with. And do you guys get it yet? Nope, you suck up all
    their bullshit like you did before. It’s almost funny to watch.

    I might play this game if I can even be bothered to pirate it.
    The rest of you have fun.

  24. CalmNCrazyx3 says:

    Who’s buying this when it comes out? ❤️ :)

  25. Billy Del Rey says:

    Too bad this emotional and intuitive demo isn’t enough to make me spend 90
    bucks on a half finished game…

  26. cathy41463 says:

    cant get demo because origins log in authenticater is down

  27. TheAnangrycharizard says:

    i bet my computer can’t handle this big game :(

  28. Things says:

    Omg 5 minutes later and i have the demo! Thank you so much! I love it!
    September 4th <3

  29. cance7984 says:

    Keep it up, complainers. You’re STILL not getting pools and toddlers on
    September 2nd (I DO NOT work for EA in case you’re wondering).

  30. Oceane Marie says:

    I don’t even care if there are no pool or toddlers… I have a Mac and I
    just wish I could play the game

  31. Ansett 4 Sims says:

    The Sims 4 CAS Demo can be addictive.. xD 

  32. cocomonster1000 says:

    I cat play it I have a Mac dammit

  33. BadActingWYIM says:

    do you know how hard it is to make a game? how hard it is to become a game
    designer?! to learn the crafts and skills! not to mention to be good
    enough! nowa days. and its all because you people!!!! only care about
    better and moremoremore! better graphics! better this better that! screw
    the game play! i am this close to quitting game design because I dont think
    ill be able to live up to your expectations! you can take or leave this
    game! and go drown in your imaginary pools. enjoy what you get or get out. 

  34. Suzie Mallette says:

    Is it just me or anyone else having issues with the grabbing and
    pulling/pushing to change eyes/nose/whatever. I grab and move my mouse and
    nothing happens. 

  35. Manny Rull says:

    inb4 teenage girls screaming GIVE US POOLS AND TODDLRZ!!!!!!!!!!

  36. It's Kiki says:

    I wish you guys could gives us a Build Mode trailer I really want to try it

  37. Always Here says:

    Well! I know what I’m doing all night!

  38. majaisfannis99 says:

    I can not download to my mac :c anyone else some have this problem?

  39. Megshroom says:

    Been waiting for ages and now it’s been released, it’s only for windows.
    Hurry up and make your mac version playable, please. 

  40. Star Visor says:

    The Sims 3 will still be better because that is more realistic oh and the
    TS3 CAS is better.

  41. Elizabeth Lower says:

    very excited about the demo, can’t wait to try it out.

  42. Shutupfreak513 says:

    its gonna be expensive right

  43. kira murphy says:

    oh no there keeps being a error i cant download it!

  44. Jennifer T says:

    is it not an open world I’m so confused 

  45. Charlotte Brennan says:

    when is the demo version for mac going to be released?

  46. _Onixpected says:

    Well, I want to download this BUT ORIGIN WONT WORK ON MY FUCKING WINDOWS
    8.1! Can anyone help me with this?

  47. unicorninq says:

    When does it come out on mac???

  48. Nina Phoebe says:

    you cant even play the demo on a mac how lame 

  49. Loulou cottam says:

    Can u get it in England

  50. SserpxGaming says:

    I’ll be sad if they don’t add body hair in the basegame :(

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